When we were attuning into the initiating pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Cosmic Humans during the channeling of the teachings of the Stellar Nations, we travelled through the span of the ecliptic. Numerous stars invited us there to reveal the qualities they can enrich the human life path with.

This is how we arrived to the Capricornus, the Goat that is, where we can find a feminine creative quality. It seems to channel the overflowing, great and explosive fire, yang enthusiasm, creative desire and enormous energy of the Sagittarius into a creative tunnel here, and connects it with matter. This seems to be the mission and purpose of the Capricorn, which is a feminine quality, as part of the feminine mysteries of creation.

To receive the sparkle of life or spark of idea into the body, and to give life to that, through the creative mystery that emerges inside the body. This does not only mean the childbearing of course, it also implies that the ability of anchoring the idea into the matter so that it should finally be manifested, belongs to the female line of the Stellar Nation of the Humans.

We must mention two stars here, as initiating rays. One of them is Nashira, the Gamma star of the Capricornus constellation, which will be in conjunction with our Sun between 8 and 10 February.

Entering this stellar sphere we could feel that this is a homemaking star.  Whatever dream the human being may have on any planet, this stellar portal provides home to that newly conceived and freshly created life, through its strongly feminine quality..

So if this stellar ray is projected into someone’s horoscope, that person basically has a very strong tendency of creating home, anywhere. Even if s/he spends only a short time at a place, for example during a vacation, s/he makes that feel like home, for others and him or herself too.

It is interesting that the Capricorn constellation is in opposition to the Cancer constellation, and that is why the typical Cancer analogy appears in the constellation of the complementary opposite sign. So we can say that Nashira provides the conditions for the homes, specifically in the material sense. It helps us to imagine and manifest the idea of home, from our soul into the matter. By soothing the ancient yearning for home, it teaches us how to be happy here on Earth, too.

(to be continued)

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Josephine Wall, many thanks to the Artist!

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