Arriving at dawn today, Capricorn New Moon brings very promising energies to the gate that opens at 6:00 AM local time, permeated by the fire of pure creative will and faith manifested through the Sagittarius Ascendant. While the conjunction of Sun-Moon and Pluto shines in the extremely prominent 1st House, moreover, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury also support this true internal and external transformation. Suddenly, we can be filled with a pervasive certainty that we are crystal clear about who we are, that we have already shaped our plans — or are now getting another Heavenly inspiration for them — that we feel the penetrating realizing power, that we know what we are capable of, and that we are ready for. Also we will actually let go of everything that “Pluto has taken away” in the year 2020 and accept the gifts of the grand Pluto-Saturn conjunction, which became exact in these days last year. We are ready to enter into the new Reality of our new Self, fought at the cost of overcoming the falls, losses, or fears and anxieties we have experienced, and to reveal the vision and pure creative idea whose life map we want to follow.

In this year, which is under the spiritual guidance of the 13th Stellar Nations, so ruled by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, it will always be important to pay attention to the position of Neptune and the Ascending Moon Node, which best displays the presence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit during the Moon Celebrations. During the Capricorn New Moon, Neptune shines through the 2nd House, with its subtle ethereal substance of the Pisces energy, revealing the possibilities that could help us see a way out in the midst of the global economic crisis and severe existential crisis. Neptune can help us to realize the chances of rebuilding financial security with enough creativity and if we pay attention to the signs with openness and intuitive sensitivity.

While the Ascending Moon Node appears in the 6th House, that highlights the area of work and service and sends Divine promptings on how to build a new and stable foundation for regaining the job opportunity that was lost for many people. This requires the Gemini quality with openness, active communication; to give news about yourself and make your intellectual or material products visible. It is by no means recommended to spend these days passively, because we can move serious forces and start processes that will lift our lives in the long run.

We sincerely hope that this Moon Gate will bring bright forces to all of us that we can build upon in the next months as well!

With love

Dr Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by: Gene Raz von Edler, many thanks to the artist!

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