Soon we will enter the year 2021, which will be characterized by the ongoing collective initiation of the universal destiny path of the stellar nation of the Holy Spirit. It is also expected that further steps of the Divine Plan of the fate alternatives and the future of Planet Earth will be anchored.

But before we step into this, there will be a gate of very intense fate correction revealed in our sphere, in the next three days. This has probably been enabled by the united work and joining of the lightworkers throughout the past years.

This will be a wonderful gate, on the 13th Anniversary of the Ritual of the Global Reconciliation and Correction of Fate opened by the Celestials through us, offering a powerful new possibility for the correction of fate in the sphere of the Earth and the collective field of the human Akashic Records.

13 years ago in 2007, we understood through the messages of the Holy Spirit that in accordance with the Divine Plan of the Correction of Fate, a relative and local Earthly time loop would be attached to the Earth, which would provide years of new possibilities to humanity, for reaching the vibration level and heart quality that is necessary for the further spiritual awakening, development and the Ascension.

The critical mass that was needed for the realization of the Global Correction of Fate and the attaching of the parallel time loop was 3333 souls at that time. This number was actually reached at the end as the result of an active movement throughout the country and even across the borders.

The Divine Plan of the New Time Cycle has been born since then. It helps us to understand every year, which spiritual and guiding principles determine the actual evolutionary and spiritual processes through the interpretation of these encoded Heavenly messages in the mirror of the stellar nations. We explained this in our e-book called „The Reality of the Ascension Gate and How to Prepare” where we share much more information about the Ascension Process and the Divine Plan of the New Time Cycle:

The Reality of the Ascension Gate and How to Prepare – ebook (pdf)

The central pillar and instrument of that joining was the Santé di Om meditation, which was created specifically for this occasion. We have released this meditation recently again in a reedited and more universal version in English, so that it may be helpful to anyone and in any situation, in resolving the knots of fate and the ritual of the great reconciliation. This wonderful meditation pathway is based on the mysteries of the initiated heart. Through the ritual that was bequeathed to us by the Holy Spirit, it can help everyone in the next few days to make those steps of the correction of fate happen on the personal levels, which can subtly attune their lives with their own Divine Destiny again, and if necessary it can set them on a track that expresses them and the dreams of their soul in a much better way.

So this current possibility resides within each of us and it can start out from the individual, personal levels, but of course, it is true again that we can have a much greater influence on our loved ones and the collective consciousness through our environment if we do and experience this meditation together at the same time.

On December 29, a gate permeated with particularly strong and high-vibration energies will open to this experience, illuminated by the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, the spell of the “Star of Bethlehem,” through the 11th House, that is supporting and focusing on human communities. While the Sun and Mercury through the 10th House can help us truly feel the call and projected vision of our Divine Fate, as it is through this path that we can get closer to the fulfillment of our lives.

We would point out that at 10:46 a.m. (local time) it is as if a crystal clear suggestion and fate-correcting vision is flowing into our space when Neptune in the sign of Pisces appears on the Ascendant to illuminate the path before us.

This will be the opening of this global healing and resolution, which can be joined during the day as well. So, 29 December will be the day of a wonderful new beginning, a deep spiritual transformation and reconciliation of the heart, which is worth experiencing with real presence and clear consciousness.

At the same time, if you “miss” this gate, you can still experience our Santé di Om – The Correction of Fate meditation at any time during the next three days and you will receive the same powerful Heavenly blessing.


You can order the meditation in MP3 file through our website:

Santé di Om – The Correction of Fate (ENGLISH language)

Finally, we would like to close this revelation with the same thoughts as in our aforementioned book:

“What we should really strive to remember is that this life is very important and we must not waste any single minute of it.

We should live and experience everything we can in joy and with playfulness and we shall love this life with the opportunities it can offer.

We should live in a way that does not cause shame and regret. We should awaken always with a clear conscience and we should always go to sleep at night without wrath or any lies.

We should learn to love, embrace and accept everything and everyone the way they are, with respect and no judgment. We should not hurt ourselves, because that lessens the treasure that was planted into us by Heaven. We should not hurt anyone else, either, because that takes away from the world.

It does not matter what time the “Big Jump” happens – in 2012, 2021, 2030 or tomorrow. In fact, it doesn’t even matter whether we recognize it at all. The only thing that matters is that when we leave this world there should be more Light and more Love left by us than existed before.”


May there be heavenly blessings on all of our dreams and all lives on this planet!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Daniel B. Holeman, thanks to the Aritst!


p.s. Please share this with your friends, so that this possibility may be revealed to as many as possible!

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