Dear Sisters and Brothers!

May the message of Christmas fill your life with joy and peace.
May the true meaning of this sacred event fill your heart and home with many blessings.
May all your wishes and dreams come true and may you feel this happiness all year round.

With deep love


The Message


The silence grew into a tender-stepped waiting

to open my heart that longs for your Voice.

Tell me, bright-eyed messenger of the new dawn,

how to lead my life into your shelter?

How could I keep my days

under the arches of your eternally glowing cosmic Heart,

how could I become worthy

and remain in the law of your ever-pulsating love?

And the Voice said:

“When you are enraptured by the altar of the Diamond Heart,

embrace your entire being into the moment,

quiet your mind and

rest your awareness within me!

And when the two heartbeats turn into one rhythm,

entrust yourself to Me.

Don’t keep anything,

let your heart live in my Heart.

I will love you as I have always loved you!

I will understand you, because I know you.

I will guide you as I know where you’re going.

I forgive you because the final minute

of your penitence has come.

I will teach you because your thirst has guided you to me.

I will protect you, not from pain,

but from the obscurity of going astray.

And at the end I will wait for you

because I’ve prepared your place.

And if you keep your heart in my Light

your journey will reach the gate of hope

so that by completing the last test of your faith

you shall return to my shelter at last

and your beautiful redeemed soul

shall know nothing else but the

eternally burning source of Heavenly Love!

I came because you called for me

and if you keep me within your heart

I will pour my mercy upon your life.

And if you are aware enough to recognize

the signs drawn into your days

I will soon fill the silence of your heart

with the whispers of my message”…

Beatrix Czeizel


(excerpt quoted from our book titled “Calling You”)

Image by an unknown artist, many thanks to him/her.

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