21 December 2020, 11:03 AM, Budapest (UTC + 1),

According to ancient tradition, the Winter Solstice is the celebration of the victory of Light. The indigenous peoples strongly believed that the united consciousness-field of their human community and the sacral rites they performed on this night were equally important in order to roll the wheel of fortune further on and to defeat the darkness that was growing since the summer solstice as they invited the power of Light into their human reality. It is a mystery play that spiritually represents the option for every conscious human soul on the spiritual path to fight for their own light against the fear and darkness emerging within or around them, so that the light should appear on the outside as well, to make the days grow longer and the nights become shorter.

This moment unfolds a different quality every year, as if it revealed new ways and possibilities for the great transfiguration and for the sacred motion of transforming the darkness into light. Today, this special day manifests exceptional forces and sanctity. This year’s Winter Solstice occurs together with a powerful and significant planetary conjunction. The great transformation process of the heavenly dance of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, which we often mentioned throughout the year has probably reached its crescendo. In this peak moment, Saturn, the ruler of Time and Karma, the planet that represents the order, the currently changing frames, and the lessons one has learned; comes to an exact conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of heavenly inspiration, faith and hope – while Pluto has completed its mission and so it observes the work of our inner and outer transformation from a greater distance now.

The mystical significance of this moment is exalted even more by the wonderful fact that 2000 years ago, the three Kings followed a similar celestial alignment, the “Star of Bethlehem” to find Mary and the crib. So the “birth”, the arrival of the Savior’s message was heralded and accompanied by the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. This planetary alignment suggests that a “Message” – the fine light essence of a Heavenly apparition carrying redemption, grace and love – is about to be born again now. It is coming to lean close to the heart of humanity to quiet the fears, wipe off the tears of loss and silently embrace everyone who feels alone with the burden of this terribly difficult year weighing heavily in their life and soul.

It is beautiful that in the moments of the Winter Solstice in the local time, this Saturn-Jupiter conjunction (on 0°25’ Aquarius) appears in the 11th House – to embrace and unite all the human communities, the families and groups, which have necessarily fallen apart during this year long lock down and to share its message with humanity as a whole.

Something New can be born inside all of us, so that we may create something new together as well, with more light on the level of the collective consciousness field. This is further supported by Algedi from the pathway of the Unicorn Stellar Nation. This star invites us to “redefine ourselves”, to decide and to manifest who we want to be, how we want to live and what experiences we would like to accommodate in our lives, regardless of the events of the outer world. The Eagle constellation appears here too, with its open wings, to invest this constellation with even greater power, to invite the brave souls towards the Sun, towards the Light.

And the signs are not over yet! There is an even greater power to the moment of this year’s Winter Solstice as – viewed from our latitude on Earth – the message is poured out through the Pisces Ascendant, which holds the Faith of Light. Another subtle sign in the arrival of the news of “birth and rebirth” is that Ceres, the planet that represents the archetype of Mary the Mother is aligned with the Ascendant. Maybe we can recognize the support of the energy of the Cosmic Mother in the invisible and this might relieve us of the potential loneliness and losses and hopefully it can make everyone feel that they are loved and cared for. …

Neptune, representing the high spiritual inspiration of the Pisces, appears in the 1st House, as well as the Moon, to explain that only the Heart and the Soul can understand the current message of mercy, if we can manage to quiet the external noise, the murmuring of fear, and if we can start to live and create our lives from within – to manifest our united, purified and recreated dream of life. 

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the 10th House can support this with an uplifting power as the mind and the creative force are aligned in the sign of Capricorn, enabling us to anchor a longer-term plan as well. We can gain strength and fill our hearts with the real sounds of love.    …

And finally, we would like to highlight another beautiful celestial constellation – the alignment of Sadachbia with the Ascendant. This star represents the vessel in the hand of Aquarius. “If we think about the Celestial analogy then the vessel is the container that is reminiscent of the human, as the Stellar Nation of the Humans is the universal receiving chalice, from which the Aquarius pours out the pathway of life into the galaxy. It is like a reminder that the dream of Life was actually created by the humans. With their free choice, the cosmic humans themselves decided which stellar seeds and codes to include in themselves and what to do with those, what kind of life to create with those. This is the motion when the Aquarius dreams new – sometimes revolutionary – dreams and creates new things with its free being. Therefore this is a special “threshold moment”, a moment of special transformation, because with this motion a new dream of life is poured out. It is interesting that the water is poured right into the star of Formalhaut/Fomalhaut, which is the beautiful star of creation on the pathway of the Unicorns. The myth that belongs to this star is that whenever and wherever someone begins to dream in the universe and wants to create something, a wave of light is reflected in the mirror of the sacred lake of Fomalhaut. This is where all the connections are born to enable the dream to manifest. To awaken the spark of life within that dream. The human asks for life, he dreams something and the Aquarius pours this new dream out of its vessel – and then through the star of Fomalhaut it is conceived somewhere in the galaxy – the way the human has wished.

On the other hand, this constellation is also the stairway of Homecoming. It represents the moment when the human is ascended, he is taken before God to tell all about his memories and to account for all the things he had chosen, undertaken and experienced in his lifetime.

So Sadalachbia is a reminder of the unlimited freedom of the human being, as if it whispered, “Dream your life and pour out of your chalice whatever you wish, so that it may be manifested – because you have the right to imagine anything on the living surfaces of the planets”.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families)

This uniting is about to become the liberating celebration of sensitive care, compassion, forgiveness and love – so that we may become genuine in all our truly important human relationships in the moment when the Kundalini Snake of Gaia reaches the stars and forms a celestial bridge for the voice and the messages of the Heavenly wisdom. This is how we can recognize the gradually unfolding stellar codes of the Divine Plan, which project the steps of the year of 2021 to us, which will be the year of the Holy Spirit.

So let us spend this day with the real connecting of our hearts, with creative dreaming and with meditation on the faith of light – after the deep inner transformation, the different recognitions and all the letting go we have gone through the past months. Now we can step through the arches of the lights of the holiday with a strengthened soul, along a clearer inner vision – towards a new creative cycle.

Let us welcome the currently revealing heavenly impulses with gratitude and a truly open heart – while we can complete our own mystery journey for the triumph of Light within and around us!

May you have a beautiful, heartfelt and blessed Christmas time!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by Le Regard des Elfes, many thanks to the artist!


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