As our Sun enters the Sagittarius, we are touched by the pure soul-fire of the brightly shining inner light. And if we have truly taken responsibility for the depths of our soul and the messages we received in this year’s chamber of mirrors then the metamorphosis can really happen and our desire for the rebirth can soar high with us on the wings of our soul, carrying us towards the heights of the Sky, like a shining phoenix.
Our hearts and our days can be filled with enthusiasm and hope again, because we can already see the Light at the end of the tunnel…

We would like to remind you to one of our beautiful and uplifting meditations in English titled ‘In the Sanctuary of Justice and Forgiveness’. This meditation is deeply connected to our book ‘Calling You’ and to the Stellar Nations material as well. For a long time we have wanted to find a really effective tool for helping to release the inner emotional pain that can come from the burden of disappointments, and dramatic losses. These trials can compound into deeply suppressed inner wounds, tightly bound emotional knots that we carry consciously or unconsciously. This emotional pain so often creates a loss of trust and faith in people and in life itself.

One day the stellar world of Menkalinam, which is an initiating station on the path of the Angels, opened up to give us this fantastic opportunity to enter its world to find peace and reconciliation. This heartfelt meditation is the result of the Grace and understanding that we were shown on Menkalinam. In working with the meditation, you will be guided to recall those cardinal moments in the life spirals of your soul when you experienced some very deep disappointment, when you were deeply hurt or betrayed, when some great injustice was done to you in the sphere of human relationships…

Here you can find the detailed description of this truly beautiful inner path:

“We are lifted into the light-dimension of an inner journey through this path, which takes us to the wonderful, deeply loving and familiar stellar sphere of Menkalinam, a realm that we meet on the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Angels. On this inner pilgrimage, we are invited to see into our deep human disappointments – hurts, painful experiences of abuses or exploitation, betrayals and unjust situations – which we carry consciously or unconsciously as heavy inner burdens. These emotional knots can be relieved and absolved through the mystery that is revealed here because in the Temple sphere of Menkalinam we are welcome to beseech our deep prayers for Divine Justice. Thus Divine revelations can reach us here, which may expose the real truth and the background processes or even the karmic reasons for our inner burdens. These inner revelations can deliver understanding and relief. In the shrine of Menkalinam, a moment of deep reconciliation and forgiveness may arrive, which is the greatest heart-healing power that exists. If our heart is freed then our soul becomes free as well, free to cure itself from the pain of all disappointments…”


With love

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Our guided meditations can be purchased via our website in MP3 format:

In the Sanctuary of Justice and Forgiveness (ENGLISH language)


Price of each CD is $15

Written and said by dr. Beatrix Czeizel

Cover artwork: Emese Szabados

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by and stock media provided by


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Artwork by Genesis Raz von Edler, many thanks to the artist!

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