A very heavy galactic memory will be touched in space and in the subconscious of the souls concerned in the next few days. The prevailing influence began during the conjunction of Sun and Gamma Centauri between 23 and 27 October. It continued with the conjunctions of the Sun with Zuben Elgenubi (5 to 9 November) and then the Sun with Zuben Eschamali (10 to 14 November). It will now reach its summit and hopefully the motion of its final redemption, during the conjunction of the Sun and Agena between 14 and 18 November.

The stars and the constellations they create have painted a very interesting and dramatic galactic event onto this part of the starry sky, in the forms of Scorpio, Libra and the neighboring Centaurus and Crux (Southern Cross) constellations. We described it in detail in our book ‘Stellar Nations – Soul Families’. It can be helpful to read that part again. (Volume I. pp. 551-556)

It was revealed that there is a very intricate opposition, loaded with many conflicts, physical and spiritual battles held very deep in the galactic memory of these stars, between the two stellar nations with great teaching codes. It is the open and disguised rivalry between the female and male lines of the stellar nation of the Serpents and the stellar Nation of the Bears, which is the path of the preachers of Christ’s way. This has been revealed throughout galactic history with the means of magic, in a series of different power demonstrations and abuses of the power of knowledge and mental praxis. In fact, this conflict often reemerges even today, in the opposition between the scientific worldview and the religious beliefs.

It is very important to know however that the original Divine Intention had sent these two nations on their way so that they would work by supporting and complementing each other in an alliance.

We can be sure that in the higher dimensional spheres there is no conflict and no rivalry, jealousy, envy or combative attitude between the Melchizedek Soul and the Christ Soul, these are only parts of the history of the lower realms and its big games.

Knowing the cosmic history of the Stellar Nation of the Male Serpents, we would also like to highlight that if we look at the Tree of Life that carries the secrets of the Twelve Knowledges, the Twelve Sciences, we can recognize that its Alpha and Omega points are the sacral knowledge contained in the Science of Life and in experiencing Divine Presence. Thus all learning and all knowledge can actually have two directions, two purposes. One is to live our lives on the highest possible vibrational level and in a sacred way, when we invoke the guidance of Divine Presence through the bridge of our soul and consciousness, as the true initiated wise men and women did. The other is to lift our lives higher and higher up on the bridge, which stretches out towards the experiencing of Divine Presence. So this awakening process is motivated by our longing to return into the transcendent Oneness of the Creator/Creatress. Without this respect, reverence for God if you like, one must not step on this path. Because as soon as this respect disappears, the danger of falling and the temptation of the ego emerge immediately. When one begins to grasp the secrets of the 12 Knowledges, they can feel that they have come really close to the Divine Presence, in fact, they might tend to sense that they carry the highest level substances of Divinity. They could believe the illusion that they only slightly differ from the Creator Himself and they could even step into His place. This was where the great rival battles had started from, in which the souls with Male Serpent codes positioned themselves above the other creatures and they made knowledge an exclusive privilege of their own.

Today’s scientific world has actually evolved from atheism, thus modern men have made the mind their God. They have often used mathematics, physics, quantum physics, alchemy (chemical and pharmaceutical industry), astronomy, etc. to prove the principle of the abandoned universe that evolves through its own inner laws. According to many scientists the Alpha point of this universe was not the conscious creative act of an intelligent Divine Mind (Logos), ergo, there is no transcendent Divine Source at all.

Maybe this is how a part of humanity tries to avoid their fear, anxiety and sense of guilt related to their Fear of God, while they label the ways of seeking faith to be one’s weakness. Quite many people who believe in science would like to live in self-reliance, independently. They want to learn and educate themselves until they become completely capable of ruling life and even the cosmic processes, the collective processes that concern the Earth. They want to conquer the universe and all the other stars and planets.

Our purpose through the teachings of the Stellar Nations is to enrich our lives with all that can be used, understood and revealed from the truly majestic and amazing Melchizedek knowledge in a way that it should take us closer to understanding the driving principles of the Universe and Life and to an even deeper respect of our own earthly life at present and of the work of Creation.

In the meantime we have always kept that principle in mind that Knowledge belongs to the Creator and it is always possessed by the Logos. He had only lent it to the members of the Male Serpent teaching nation, with the commission that with all the keys and precious gems of knowledge, they should teach and pass it on with the intention and inner motivation of helping all the beings detached and fallen away from Divine completeness to get back to the experience of the closeness of the Creative Source. Thus any science can only be truly wise and it only follows the original Divine intention if it is not atheist but transcendent oriented.

Here we can return to the need of the realization of a consensus, unity and pure alliance between the mysteries of the Goddess, Melchizedek and of Christ. The great Redemption gate of this has just arrived now, written into the stars.

This is exactly why we have included the code and possibility of collective healing and reconciliation into the journey of our meditation CD ‘Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge’. You can find a detailed introduction of this meditation related to the grand joining of the Lightworkers at the following link which we do for more than a year now on every Saturday:

Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge (ENGLISH language)

We recommend that in the following days, we should experience this wonderful meditation with this focus of consciousness and a wide-open heart. The very beauty of human life and human communities is that we are different in so many ways, we carry different stellar codes in our beings. Thus many will support this extremely important motion of heavenly and earthly reconciliation with their priestess being, many by the representation of the sacred practice of Melchizedek knowledge, while others with their hearts being completely devoted to the pathway of Christ, or with their pure love and angelic wisdom and truth.

We wish from the depth of our hearts that this should bring a breakthrough, great light and “balance to the Force”. :o)


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel Beatrix and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by an unknown artist, many thanks to him/her!

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