We would like to inform you that the following days will be lightened up by a wonderful stellar influence. The stellar ray of Spica will shine through the gate of the Sun between 15 and 20 October. It will reach its summit on 17 October.

This magical star, permeated with one of the most wonderful spiritual energies in the sky, shines in the Virgo’s ear of wheat and in reality it shelters an 8th dimensional world on the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Angels.

Spica is the Celestial cradle of the Angel beings. We suggest reading this part of our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families in order to be able to understand this in depth (Volume I, page 132) The world of Spica is the mirror of the Divine Mind; it is a Celestial Realm in constant Light, which guards the dream of the Creator. It guards, represents, conveys it and carries out the work of realization, so that the art of Creation may be manifested.

Let us continue with a short excerpt from the book that expresses the current message of the present conjunction of the Sun and Spica:

At this place, the angel beings still see what a genius, what an infinite perfection, absolute wisdom there is in each sparkle of the Divine Plan, in the fusion of the past, present and future, which creates the experiences and destinies. How perfectly the necessary links of experiencing, the pathways of development and the lessons of learning are defined by this Divine Mind, the purpose and the motive of which is always the absolute Light, the universal love, and nothing else. 

What an endless Divine wisdom, mercy, truth and realness permeate the whole of Creation, and move all the experiences.

So here, the view over this perfection arouses the selfless desire of service in the angels’ hearts, the ability of obedience and surrender, which they experience as grace and by no means as a sacrifice.

Therefore the angel beings can be so deeply devoted because their souls are filled with that feeling of celebration, that soul-joy, which is beyond all words and concepts, and from which the hymn of praise around the Divine Throne is born, because from here, they can still see that the perfection, the truth and wisdom of the Idea permeates the whole universe.

They sense through the ever-seeing lens of this star that each sparkle of dream, which emerges to the surface out of the Creator’s mind is moved by the infinite, boundless love, wisdom and grace, and that at the end, all the experiences reach the Infinite Light. Here, each sparkle of the dream on the journey is awaited home with the deep certainty that each created reality is progressing towards its own fulfillment, the finishing accord of which may only be one collective experience of arriving Home. …”

After the moments of weakness, fears, doubts and trials of faith in the past few years this beautiful Celestial realm would like to send a message and bring Light to our consciousness and our mind, into the world of our personality and personal life (Sun) and into our soul, our feelings, dreams and visions in order to awaken that primordial trust, faith and reliance, which the angel beings can feel so naturally at their birth. …

So let us welcome these impulses – this healing power, which can be gained from the certainty of the angels and let us collect new power to our soul in order to go on, to recreate our faith and to continue to follow the footprints of our Divine Destiny. …

So the search for balance in the month of Libra has led us to experience such a transcendent point of view, so may this period be permeated with angelic visions, which can provide us the strength and power for the necessary renewals for the sake of the greater inner peace and balance!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Image by Glenyss Bourne, many thanks to the artist!


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