September 22. 2020, Budapest 3:32 PM (UTC+1)

The celebration of today’s sacred Fall Equinox can bring deep inner self-analysis and transformative recognitions through the Capricorn Ascendant, while the Sun enters the month of Libra through the 8th House. This moment calls us for uniting and cooperation as the Moon shines in the life sphere of communities and all kinds of group work in the 11th House in conjunction with the beautiful star of Antares, which is the home of the Galactic Akashic Records. It urges us to create balance, to carefully deliberate and to make well-considered decisions in our relations and communities we are involved in.

In addition to these, we may also be aware now that this day has an extremely powerful effect.  Last year during the beautiful sacral ritual we guided in our group, from among the ancient sacral places and main energetic centers like the chakra vortexes of Mother Earth, we worked with the throat chakra vortex of the planet. We could understand that Gaia actually reveals herself in two significant moments of the year to pour out her messages to all the creatures of the Earth. It is during the Spring and the Fall Equinox. In the springtime, we mainly receive the program of the Divine Plan of the given year and then in the fall we can realize the possibilities of fate correction through which we can correct the mistakes we have possibly made so far or the consequences of the steps we have missed to take.

So let us listen to Mother Earth today and receive her healing messages deep into our soul and body.

Wish you a blessed Equinox celebration!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by Josephine Wall, many thanks to the artist!

Please find below the related ©Antares-code chart:

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