This is the time of the year when the Perseid meteor shower becomes clearly visible as Planet Earth travels through this field consisting of many tiny galactic specks of dust orbiting around the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle.

It was named after the constellation Perseus, because if viewed from the Earth, these particles appear to come from there, featuring a beautiful phenomenon of light as they burn up. August is the month of shooting stars when we can sometimes see even 60-100 shooting stars an hour over the clear night sky. The peak of the period from 23 July to 20 August usually comes on the nights of 12 and 13 August.

Folklore holds that the shooting stars enclose our dreams, and if we come into soul-connection with them, they will fall towards the Earth so that their light-seed will plant our creative dreams into the life-texture of the planet. They help us this way in the realization of those dreams.

As we have pointed out in our last stellar message, the stars within the Big Dipper have even greater significance and influence this year, because the comet Neowise discovered in March 2020 passed right under the constellations of the Lynx, then the Ursa Major and within that the Big Dipper during its visibility from the Earth. So this galactic messenger turned the eyes and the hearts of the people seeking the night sky towards the secrets of the Mystery School of Christ hidden among the stars. Between July 11th and 18th, through the constellation Lynx, it emphasized the archetypical message of the life path of Jerome, the onetime warrior who had converted to become the protector of the Temple of Christ – we have written about this in our book “Calling You”. Then between July 18th and 30th, it illuminated the seven secrets, the seven mysteries of the initiation of the heart carried inside the Heavenly Wagon that shines within the Ursa Major. And now it is passing by the constellation Coma Berenices, highlighting the stellar message of Diadem, through the sacred ritual of sacrifice making.

The split tail of the comet reminds us of the two global alternatives of fate that unfolds along the games of polarity, in which we have to make our decisions and act in accordance with that in order to carry on the pathway of Light and the hope of the planetary Ascension.

Happy dreaming to everyone,


Image by Kagaya, many thanks to the artist!


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