José Argüelles and his followers, the group that carries his spiritual heritage consider the 25th of July as the Day out of Time – according to their version of the Mayan calendar. It is like the pause between taking breaths, the mystical passage between the Mayan year that is just ending and the New Natural Time Year that is starting on the 26 July. The passage in which we can get a glimpse of what it feels like to step out of the frames of time and simply to celebrate Life. Life, which we received as a gift in order to try to take care of it the best possible way, so when the time comes we may step out of it by leaving a lot more light behind us than what would have been there if we had not walked this planet. This is also the day of taking account of ourselves, when we can look back at the events, achievements and creative processes of the past year cycle, the dreams we have realized, while we can also break away from all the things that we would not like to carry on to the next Mayan year cycle. Let us take a rest, celebrate from our heart and feel how very much treasure we have! Treasure we could gather from the true human and spiritual values – the gifts of love, the possibilities provided by our life – if we could use those well. And let us leave some time for ourselves for the night for sending out our dreams and new processes of creation, which can be launched now!

In addition to these, 25 July is also a day when we can celebrate and offer love and thanks to our Mother Earth for all those nourishing, healing and sustaining waters this planet provides us with.

A few years ago we had the pleasure of spending this wonderful day at the magical garden of Glastonbury, which is reminiscent of the beautiful realm of Lemuria. A nice international group happened to gather there and together we sang the mantra “Om Shri Matre Namaha” (Salutations to the Sacred Mother) by the Holy Fountain. We can sing this again now, near any water surface – by lakes, rivers, creeks, fountains and seas – in order to clean the waters of Mother Earth with our prayers; as without water, there could be no life and it’s such a great treasure to us all.

So any water surface you may be near today, please think about it that all the sources of the planet have been entrusted on the community of the cosmic humans, thus express the healing intention of your heart towards the water by a prayer, mantra, song or a quiet healing ritual.

Let us give thanks to and heal the waters humanity has poisoned and polluted all through the planet during this day with our usual Saturday joining by experiencing our meditation called „Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge” or you can work with our new meditation called “The sacred ritual of creating the personal and the collective quantum field” in a soul-to-soul connection!


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Whendell Souza, many thanks to the artist!

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