The following days will be enlightened by a beautiful stellar ray, because the star of Canopus, which we got to know from the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Angels and which is the alpha star of the constellation Argo, or often called Carina (Keel), will get in conjunction with our Sun between 6 and 10 July.

This is such a 7th dimensional stellar sphere, which by itself is the symbol of the Angels’ Bark as well, we could also say it is its harbor, before the moments of release; where the angel beings endowed with the Divine Will and sent on their journey with specific mission codes, arrive one by one. Then they get into this magically beautiful Heavenly Bark. Each one of them holds a special flame in their hands, with the different special quality, color, glittering and pattern of the Divine Code burning inside of each. Inside the flame, behind the contours of light, the figures of many holographic seals shine through, containing all the steps, the orders, destiny codes of the Divine Will and Celestial plan, all the exactly outlined locations of the destinations. The angel beings are guided by these codes, towards the worlds where their mission calls them to.

So if you find the projection of this star in your ©Antares-Code chart, you can be aware that once you had stepped onto the deck of this Bark, to offer your complete destiny for the service and you had set out for the journey as a devoted messenger of the angelic mission, to arrive to the planet named Earth after many different stopovers. The emissary-character of Canopus is a typical Mercurial analogy; the existence of the Divine messenger is described in it, one that brings the Angelic flame, to transmit the Celestial message.

The message of Canopus is that this destiny has come to life and it is written onto the parchment of our present days, we just have to learn to understand these signs now, to become the messengers and realizing dream-keepers that the Divine intention imagined us to be.

(Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume I, page 137)

And don’t forget about the Sun-Sirius conjunction either becoming exact just today, which we wrote about in details in our last stellar message!



Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by Josephine Wall, many thanks to the artist!

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