Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We would like to let you know that on this point of the current year the stars representing the mission codes of the “Pegasus destiny” will line up gradually in order to cast their rays upon us through the bridge of our Sun as to remind us of the memories they are connected with and to help us in healing and solving those in our present life if necessary

The first two stellar pillars of this process will be the conjunction of the Tejat Prior – Sun between 22 and 28 June ( you can find more information in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families, page 360)  and then the conjunction between the Sun and Dirah prevailing between 24 and 29 June ( Stellar Nations – Soul Families, page 362).

“The star Tejat Prior appoints such a pathway to the Pegasus souls starting out through this stellar portal, in which they have to connect with people who had specifically left their originally designated and chosen pathways, who had gone astray and are roaming around in the repeating cycles of the wrong old karmic games, with no redemption. At these cases, the messengers have the right, the opportunity and the ability of seeing into the destiny codes of the people that are guided to them, and so they can sense which points the failures occurred, the wrong decisions were made and the reactions that did not correspond to the highest purpose. The message transmitted by them can be the flashing of such a mirror of fate for example, which can reveal the gaps between the original life-plan and the actually realized fate, so that the person may have the chance of undertaking certain steps of fate-correction, in order to be able to get back on his or her original and own pathway.”

”… The emissaries of Dirah accompany the “very last moment and the experience after that”. They have the ability to turn around a very dramatic situation by their presence, or to offer help in getting through the crises of life, or they can be the linking pieces in the births of miracles; yet it often occurs that after the people had used and gathered all that they had brought, and with their newly gained strength they get over the crisis, the next moment they forget and step over them already, because they are swung away by the momentum of the new life.

They simply go on, and they usually consider the unfolding positive events and successes for their own glory. …”

So during this period, we can either meet such situations or maybe the memories of some previous experiences could come up to the surface now, so that we can finally empty the tensions, disappointments and spiritual burdens they carry and we can be healed from them at last.

We wish all of you a deep recovery and much recognition to come!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Monika Ray, many thanks to the artist!

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