Dear Sisters and brothers,

We would like to inform you that a very nice and uplifting stellar influence will shine upon us in the next few days from the stellar path of the Angels. This is the beta star of the Auriga constellation called Menkalinam which conjuncts our Sun between 18 and 22 June.

“This constellation is strongly related to the Galactic Council and so to the questions of the Divine Truth. When we traveled to this world, it turned out that this place is like a special stellar sanctuary, where a prayer for the Divine truth and justice can be expressed. 

It was the sphere of a Sanctuary surrounded by delicate, silky and veiled white lights, and in its center we were welcomed by the unembellished, pure and genuine sacredness of an opal white altar of silence. We suddenly noticed an angel kneeling there, praying for the Divine Truth to be manifested. Each and every word is important here, this is – and this is the only thing we may ask for at this place.

Such a feeling of relief could be sensed there that after any grievance, pain or disappointment, a soul-voice, an honest prayer can be said that may ask for the highest Divine Source to reveal its intention and truth. So the Divine Truth may be asked to manifest itself in its completeness and wisdom.

This does not mean that “I demand it to be revealed instantly that I am right”, it rather applies that we may ask for the guidance of the Divine wisdom to be manifested in the given situation of life.

If the stellar ray of Menkalinam is projected into your chart you can be aware that there is such a soul-bridge open to you, an immediate connection with this stellar sanctuary where you actually have the right of asking for the manifestation of the Divine Truth. As long as your prayer is heard, the space will gently rearrange and a crystal-clear soul-mirror will be revealed to you in this stellar journey, and through this, the Divine Will can show you why things happened the way they did. Karmic things could emerge and present themselves suddenly. Therefore the souls that enter here must be willing to face confrontations too. As it is possible that the images of this mirror will reveal that the soul’s present injuries were created by such an event that might have been caused by him or herself, in one of his or her earlier lives. And the person must be able to accept this with complete humility. This mirror can also expose what motivations and false concepts his or her betrayer or insulter was driven by, and in fact, it could even show what karmic effects it will have, even in the distant future maybe. Or such a picture could come up that shows what lesson and message it all contained for the soul, and how s/he should make good use of this experience, and by what picture of the future s/he will be strengthened and get over this disappointment.

As we could see, Bellatrix reveals the truth and it sets you free, while Menkalinam gives a little less, if you like, but still it gives you a lot. It liberates your soul through the recognitions. It could be true that you will not experience the uplifting feeling of justifications, but you could get such a messages here by which you may know that your subjective truth corresponds to the cosmic truth – and your soul is healed by this. This is also a very big thing, as to carry such wounds of the soul to which one gets no signs, no responses – neither from outside or inside, nor from above or below – is a very difficult thing. Yet many of us have to live on with this.

From this Celestial message however, it could be understood that if you have this soul-tie with the stellar sanctuary of Menkalinam, then you are given a chance to see into the Truth of the highest perspective.” (Stellar Nation – Soul Families, Volume I)

We wish you deeply uplifting days spent in the revelation of Divine Truth and Wisdom!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Illustration by Anne Stokes, many thanks to the artist!

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