We would like to inform you that a wonderful and powerful stellar influence will prevail during the next few days, with a special significance.

Between 11 and 18 June, the stars of the Orion belt will conjunct our Sun, transmitting very important messages and teaching codes to our world. (Alnilam-Sun conjunction: 12 to 16 June; Alnitak-Sun conjunction: 14-18 June; Mintaka-Sun conjunction: 11 to 15 June)

These three powerful stars appear in the initiation path of the Winged Lions but they have peculiar importance in the teaching pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Male Serpents as well, therefore they can channel very significant initiation codes and ancient mystical secrets to the inhabitants of the Earth, thus we can recall those exquisite teachings we received last year from the Melchizedek Soul.

We have described these stars in our book Stellar Nation – Soul Families as follows:

“The messengers of the Male Serpent Nation learn the principles of teaching on the stars of the Orion belt, and how and through what steps it is possible to pass on the keys of the knowledge. So that through the process of understanding, other beings may also realize the principles, which motivate and move the structure and the life of the Creation, and they may experience the enlightenment through that.

So the stars of the Orion belt represent the teacher and the educator – the teacher of mathematics, physics and nuclear physics, biology and different medical sciences, the teacher engaged in the activation of the Mer-Ka-Ba field of light, and we could continue the long list of the possibilities, by which we could express the teaching qualities of the twelve Sciences.

The Melchizedek spirit also revealed that these three belt stars actually represent the three columns of the Tree of Life, as the three different pillars of Creation, with a different attribute and quality. According to this, Mintaka raises the vortexes of knowledge, which belong to the Yang qualities on the left side of the Tree of Life and it initiates the messengers who intend to teach those wisdoms.  Alnilam represents the central pillar and deals with the teaching of the qualities related to this column, while Alnitak represents the education of the Yin qualities carried by the vortexes of the right side.

Then we received a picture, which revealed us that when a certain world goes through a global cleansing and experiences its cataclysm related to that, for example in the transition of an age of the Galactic Night into the age of the Light, then usually the star Arcturus projects a beam of light, carrying the rays of the Holy Tree of Life into the ethereal field of the given star or planet. The concerned celestial body probably receives all that in the form of a special seal of light, a living holographic code, which creates a passage, a special receiving tunnel, through which the teachers educated on the Sirius and the belt stars of the Orion may arrive.  They are the teachers who have been initiated in the mystery schools there and who have received the necessary mission codes to start out towards the given celestial body, in order to teach there – manifesting physically or on the level of the light body – as the Ascended Masters.

In a physical body, many of them will become the founders and even the Avatars of different mystery schools and they can start passing on the knowledge by which a whole world may be cleansed, ascended, made more conscious, so that it may simply continue the pathway of its own physical and spiritual evolution. …”

In the mirror of these, we would like to call your attention to the interesting and important heavenly message that during these days, there will be a spiritual preparing and a projection full of teaching codes filled with light, in the area of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, which will subtly spread from there along the geomagnetic routes and Ley lines that start out from there, and it will resonate the stone-bodies of the many thousand pyramids built upon the Earth, so that the message can reach every point of the planet.

We have known for a long time that these three pyramids were positioned in accordance with the belt stars of Orion, the Sirius and Thuban, the Pole Star of the time. As you can see in the picture, certain points of the chambers of the Great Pyramid directly relate to the exact points where these stars are projected, because the ancient creators of these pyramids also knew that certain elemental codes arrive through the stars of the Orion belt and the bridge of Sirius from time to time, which change the direction of the complete evolution of the consciousness and the awakening; and such information fields can be anchored that firmly determine the given age of development.

Similar correspondences have been discovered in the area of the monumental temple complex of Teotihuacan also, where the positions of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl – the Feathered Serpent – follow the exact projection of the belt stars of Orion too.

Thus the messages of the stellar codes transmitted towards both the Yang (Egypt) and Yin (Yucatan Peninsula) points of the Unity Consciousness grid come to life simultaneously now, reaching all points of the Earth.

Moreover this grand flow of energy and light will join and bathe those New Seeds of Life that were implanted around the major chakra vortexes of Gaia since 11. 11. 2017.

The preparing for such a great event is in the air now, so we should attend with a conscious and open spirit. We can also prepare for the arrival of these messages in a meditative state of reception.


May these days be blessed and accompanied by heavenly inspiration!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó


Artwork by unknown artists, many thanks to them!

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