This week’s stellar message is much more like a warning, a calling to awareness, which we should counterbalance by consciously creating more light inside.

“This is where we would like to mention that the picture of a new constellation also appeared in the mirror of the Galactic Akasha Chronicles, it was a configuration that has been forgotten by the earthly astronomy, yet it is very strongly related to the stellar history of the Dragons and to the meaning of the Cetus constellation. The mouth of the celestial Cetus – the star Menkar – is the edge of hell which will conjunct our Sun between 3 and 7 May.

Mythology holds that the entrance to the underworld is guarded by Cerberus / Kerberos, the three-headed dog-beast. As we immersed into this world, this peculiar Cerberus constellation took shape in front of us, positioned right under the Cetus, in front of the mouth of this sea monster. His body is marked by Azha, the eta star of the constellation Eridanus, which is standing at 8°58’ Taurus at present. His three heads are represented by three little stars right above Azha, called Rho1 Eridani (10º36’ Taurus), Rho2 Eridani (11º00’Taurus) and the Rho3 Eridani (11º26’ Taurus).

So this is the extremely dark space in front of hell’s gate, where you can feel the astral breath of the underworld. And Cerberus, the terrifying guard of this world almost directs the channels of the dark astral energies upon us, he opens them from time to time, so that our nights should be permeated by the moist of the underworld, and it should tempt us by the illusions of certain desires and urges, it can bring nightmares, arouse different fears and it can create the feeling of being attacked by certain astral forces. …

Analyzing this newly recognized constellation even more deeply, we learned that Azha indicates the heart of the dog, and it is inhabited by the lust for power, as one of the main qualities of hell’s tempting rays. One of the dog’s heads (Rho1) exhales the astral cloud of fear, its second head (Rho2) ejects the waves of bad temper, rage and hatred, as tempting shadows, while from its third head (Rho3), waves of envy and jealousy irradiate the galactic sky.

Unfortunately, this is a stellar formation loaded with really heavy energies and it sends out all kinds of shadow qualities and tempting waves, which we have to overcome by the process of the initiation called Life, so that our hearts and souls may never be captured by any temptation.”

(Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó, page 264-265)

Now after these we must say that the great trial of facing these astral forces will reach the earthlings in this exact period. We should prepare for all these consciously so that they should not turn into our reality by any means and that we should be able to stay away from all the negative influences by the love of our heart.

The conjunction of the star Azha to the Sun will have its impacts felt from 27 April and it will become exact on the 29th with the temptations of the lust for power and the generation of power conflicts. This will be joined by the Rho Eridani1– Sun conjunction between 29 April and 2 May, which can evoke inexplicable energies of fear; followed by the Rho Eridani 2–Sun conjunction that will intensify the situation by activating sudden energies of anger and rage. The scene will be topped by the negative waves of jealousy and envy coming from the conjunction of Rho Eridani 3 and the Sun between 30 April and 3 May.

Of course this only means that since this archetypal and astral influence affects our atmosphere between 27 April and 7 May it is possible that the people will be more tense, uneasy and passionate and our sleep might be disturbed by severe nightmares. Thus we should be careful and cautious when driving for example and let us not surrender ourselves to the fears and bursts of anger or other negative emotions because they are not real and they do not belong to us! It is very important to avoid the drugs and alcohol too.

Let us not fall for these illusions because this is actually an initiating process in the mirror of the stars and its purpose is that the conscious human beings walking the pathway of the spirit should expel the astral influences from their life and they should use their own decisions, choices, feelings and thoughts to turn even the difficult and conflicting situations into light.

This year, these stellar influences are reaching humanity in a completely different global environment because of the heavily loaded energy field of the collective fear-field generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, so it may never have been so important to be able to separate the real, internal content and the externally generated content, fears and other emotional waves. Also, there is a great need to be able to maintain our inner harmony and, of course, our health by keeping our faith and inner strength.

So let’s face this period not with fear but with the determined power of the Lightwarriors – with the courage of our heart!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Artwor by Mayra Tijssen, many thanks to the Artist!

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