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This time we would like to call your attention to what we have known for a long time now about the energetic nature of morphogenetic fields. Experience shows us that if a situation creating a certain emotional or physical state exists for at least 3 months, then it generates a steady energetic pattern in our aura, our personal energy field. This vibratory pattern turns into an energetic elemental with its own individual creative power. Once established, it maintains and perpetuates symptoms in the psyche and in the physical body according to the inner program that it learned through its very formation.

Since 1975, we have also known the theory of the hundredth Monkey Effect in which the level of a critical mass reached with a certain situation results in a behavior pattern appearing and spreading suddenly in a much wider population. (The story was first mentioned in the preface of Lawrence Blair’s book Rhythms of Vision in 1975 and then Lyall Watson described it in more detail in his book, Lifetide. The behavioral study conducted in the monkey population of Kojima island in Japan has been further popularized since the publication of Ken Keyes book, The Hundredth Monkey, in 1982.)

Understanding this phenomenon is important now because since December 2019, Covid-19 has developed into a pandemic. And together with it comes an energy field consisting of many different fears – the fear of death, existential fear and all kinds of frustration. This energy field containing different expressions of fear has emerged around the entire planet at an overwhelming pace. This has now become the most intense mental and emotional wave in the collective human consciousness field. It is coming close to turning into a steady pattern in the global morphogenetic field. Even more than that, upon reaching the level of critical mass, this energy field of unchecked fears has the power to create a sudden exponential increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. At this point, the outbreak moves way beyond the actual viral infection, this phase will generate from more of a psychic and psychosomatic reaction.

We have to accept that this Coronavirus will most likely infect the entire human population, just as most flu viruses do in a single season. And its contagion is also like the Epstein-Barr virus that can cause mononucleosis with similar massive upper respiratory symptoms and which already affects 98% of the global population according to certain sources.

But since the mortality rate of Covid-19 is very low, significantly lower than the 2003 Chinese SARS epidemic, and it is not like the devastating Spanish flu or Ebola, we will not all die from it.

However, the fear, the anxiety and the long months of emotional stress and panic generated by the media campaign can ultimately be more dangerous and harmful. We can really become sick from this. In fact, we can expect a great variety of psychosomatic symptoms to appear if we do not stop this process mentally.

Of course, we want no one to die, and we can be particularly worried about our deeply loved parents and grandparents, so we need to continue to pay close attention to them.

In the case of older people with various serious chronic diseases and who have lost their mobility, it is well known that a pneumonia very often opens the exit gate. But in the background, their final disease could have been and could still be Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Influenza, Adenovirus, Epstein-Barr, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Pseudomonas and many other pathogens. Each of these can cause many more serious complications than Covid-19. At the same time, psychological care is at least as important now for the elderly as adherence to hygienic rules.

The energetic pattern that is being established in the collective field of consciousness can already be felt. As a result, more people can begin to feel that “the atmosphere is suffocating” and that “something weighs heavily on their chest”, “their lungs are painful and they should cough something up”; being locked up and isolated is becoming suffocating. So, all the floating fear plus the experiences of the people who have been infected builds into a powerful and dense grid of emotional and mental patterns that stretches around the globe.  This starts to trigger the same symptoms, regardless of the presence of an actual pathogen.

Most of us who are alive now have not experienced such a global psychosomatic symptomology. Likely our grandparents experienced this during the 1918 Spanish flu but this current process is even more intense since such a media apparatus has never been available to spread the alarmist news to every corner of the world with such speed. The drama is intensified with audio-visual contents that start a “reality show” that infects even more people with this nightmare!

And so, we arrive to another significant point. The people forced into quarantine; the people shopping in masks, gloves, coveralls or even welding helmets have suddenly started to look at each other as potential “murderers”, as if infectious sources of danger were walking all around them, whom they strive to stay away and isolate from. And they do not even like to share the same air with them, because “what if someone exhales the demon disease into their space just at this moment

So of course, let’s wash our hands, but please, let’s “change our glasses” as well. Let us clean our sight from this collective nightmare, because this is the real illness. Let us see each other as humans, let the smiles return to our faces – may we emphasize the cohesive power of being partners in this situation and of relying on one another in times of crisis – at a distance of at least six feet of course…

Who knows when we will be allowed to be in normal human connectedness again?!

Who knows when we will be allowed to embrace each other again?!

Based on the above, we need to be aware that we are witnessing the establishment of this social phobia. We need to remain aware of, and be an observer of, these patterns being implanted and fixed in the collective field of consciousness worldwide. Otherwise when the curfew is over and the gates open, people will not comfortably come out of their homes and for a long time, they may not dare to truly enter back into the feeling of community, stepping closely to one another either physically or emotionally. Because it has been recited in our ears and minds so loudly that there can be all kinds of dangers awaiting us outside our four walls. Social phobia can be just as sickening, it is not by coincidence that this is one of the main symptoms of panic disorder as well.

Those who have sufficient psychic reserves for handling this extreme situation might be able to stay calm and maintain right thinking and they might be able to help the people in their environment. But as this artificially generated effect grows in the collective morphogenetic field, everyone is prey to wearing out over time. Thus, the influence of the external fears can become more pressing, which can weaken the immune system as well.

This implies that the second wave of the Covid-19 “pandemic” is expected to be more of a psychosmatically induced pandemic. We can only restrain and reverse this trajectory, if with sufficient awareness and spiritual maturity and armed with the faith of the Light, we now lift our vision away from the images of the holographic reality projected around us. We must step back into the power of our sovereign, multidimensional being, of creating our life and reality from the inside. We must take back control over our life and we must control our thoughts and feelings. We cannot allow our buttons to be pushed by outside narratives.  

Let’s wash our hands, but let us clean our vision as well, the way we look at each other! Let us not see each other as sources of danger, but let’s remember again the supportive power of community. Those who still have their smiles should gift their fellow beings with them; let us stay gentle, kind and patient while standing in a line. Fear must not devour all the love, compassion and other human virtues.

A paradigm shift is needed concerning the pandemic, and it must be done now, before the Taurus New Moon on April 23. On the day of the Taurus New Moon, the Sun and the Moon will meet in the 1st House, in the company of Mercury, Uranus and Chiron. This first house placement, that reflects the sense of who we are, clearly reveals the calling for us to completely redefine our self-image as well as our personal reality.

We have also informed our students that related to the current Covid-19 pandemic the memories of previous pandemics have awakened in the deep collective consciousness, perhaps with the memories of previous life experiences, such as the periods of Spanish flu, Pneumonic plague, Tuberculosis, leprosy, dysentery or the smallpox epidemics etc. This can be signified by Chiron, resonating the old wound patterns.

It is also very descriptive that on April 23, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (which was exact on January 12, 2020) and which permeates the entire year with its long term effect, and had been joined by Mars on March 23 and by Jupiter on April 4-5, appears now in the 11th House, the house lens that reflects community connections. It forecasts the great dilemma in the community experience – will we be able to defeat the isolating effect of this pandemic and the artificially generated energy field of fear that surrounds it?  We see how the “individual versus community” has become a tense exclamation mark now, and so we are put to the test with this configuration.

Saturn represents the walls of the quarantine here, while Pluto marks the nightmare images of the disease and of death that emerge, carrying serious astral attractions. The collective trial probes us, asking if we can overcome all these forces on our own and reach the state of “I am not afraid!”

Of course, this does not ask us to break any of the outer rules and restrictions, but it guides us towards Jupiter’s deep sense of faith. The expansiveness of Jupiter calls us rise above the depressing contents, the nightmare visions and temptations of this virtual reality playing in the field of collective consciousness, and to be able to step out into the Light!

The Pisces Ascendant calls us to step beyond the illusions towards the higher point of view that can be seen from the higher spheres of the spirit.

We wanted to inform you about all this in advance, because according to the Celestial guidance, we are approaching a threshold, a moment of choice, from which it will be more and more difficult to reverse the processes. We should break away from the stereotypes, we should not feel and think what the main- stream media suggests, we must not be afraid of the Coronavirus.  The virus will very likely appear in us anyway and if we are aligned with inner strength, we can produce the right antibody to defeat it – and so we must especially not be afraid of each other! We should not place our hopes in relying on an external institutional system. Instead we must trust the wisdom of our body, trusting the self-defense mechanisms that we have been gifted with in our immune system.

Everyone will need a very committed emotional and mental reserve to deal with the increased existential anxiety that will emerge in the coming months as we strive to find ways to secure our livelihoods and to support our families while jobs are lost and transformed.

We must be aware of all this, because the separating destructive energy field, which generates collective social phobia, can almost unpredictably and suddenly disintegrate the necessary and healthy forms of social existence. A collapse like this will endanger families and weaken the general emotional and mental problem-solving skills and inner-will that we all need so acutely at just such a time.

The current situation can even weaken the Lightworker community to an unimaginable extent. We can be rendered much less capable of uniting and creating Oneness. And yet, this very unity should be the most powerful means and tool of the current Age of Aquarius, on our way towards another gate of the Ascension.

Let us reach out to one another in our souls, let’s connect on our united meditation today, through experiencing one of our meditations – “Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge”, or “The Sacred Ritual of Creating the Personal and Collective Quantum Field” – which we have repeated every Saturday for four and a half years now. But our focus should be on this now. We should work on dismantling the wrong patterns fixed in the field of the collective consciousness, because this is the key to our physical and psychic health. And this is the key to remaining capable of uniting under all circumstances, when the time and the Heavenly calling comes! …

So let’s meet in our souls today again any time between 5 and 10PM!

We wish you wonderful and blessed experiences and a true spiritual rapture!

With love

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


(The above meditations can be purchased via our website in MP3 digital version:

Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge (ENGLISH language)

The Sacred Ritual of Creating the Personal and the Collective Quantum Field (ENGLISH language)


Illustration: shutterstock – agsandrew, many thanks to the artist!


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