20 March 2020, 4:50 AM, Budapest (UTC + 1)

With the celebration of today’s Spring Equinox we enter the next astrological year, so let us gather new momentum and gain new strength so that we may completely surrender ourselves to the experiences of the following development cycle.

Every year, this is the point when the Kundalini Light-Snake of the Earth returns from its journey to the stars to fertilize life with the message of the new collective codes of fate. So it is especially important to experience this Spring Celebration very consciously and to be able to receive the heavenly messages and voices of Mother Earth.

Let us celebrate together soul-to-soul and be open for the collective and personal life programs that want to reach us in this year under the spiritual guidance of the Stellar Nation of the Whales!

We would like to inform you that during the following days, in the next motion of the celebration of this Spring Equinox, the subtle stellar vibrations of the conjunction between Diphda and the Sun (between 20-25 March) can make us feel like our souls can break out of a certain prison within. We can be freed from the feelings of an exhausting inner wandering and we may really enter the new evolutionary cycle and the deep healing process of the year 2020.

So let us release ourselves from the chains of our mind and restrictive thoughts, the expectations of the outside world, our fears and pains so that we shall experience our soul soaring high above and we may again feel that this world is conquerable and the life we are entrusted with can be fulfilled despite all its difficulties. …

Love and blessings to you all,

Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by an unknown artist, many thanks to the artist!

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