In the previous decades, the cosmic sky revealed itself to us and we visited the stars of the Milky Way to unravel the realms beneath the heavenly constellations. And through these we could understand our deepest possible stellar roots on the levels of the spirit, soul and the physical body (see in Stellar Nations – Soul Families). We recognized the Divine Plan of the Ascension, the necessary steps that lead to the Christ Consciousness, and we could understand many invaluable spiritual secrets while we received great treasures. (See our books Stellar Destinies, Calling You, and the Galactic and Earthly Keys to the Mystery of the Final Redemption).

And in the last three years we had to understand and learn how to take care of the life sphere that humanity received as a gift. We had to learn how to perceive and how to expand ourselves further on in this earthly realm full of miracles, secrets and spells. How to hear Gaia’s messages and understand the essence of each being. Because this is just as a spiritual and high vibrational level as reaching the stars.

In 2017 we walked through the initiation path of the Cosmic Humans. In 2018 which was the year of the Stellar Nation of the Birds, we had to take journeys in the hidden realms of Mother Earth, we had to find the secret space and time portals, which can lead us into the realm of the fairies, elves, nature spirits, devas and elementals – the 2nd and 4th dimensional worlds hidden from the human eyes, yet very much real living environments. In 2019 we learnt to heal the wounds of separation from the Divine Source through the eyes and hearts of the Dolphins.

We shared all this because one of the most important stars of the Stellar Nation of the Birds – Deneb Adige from the constellation Swan – will shine through the gate of the Sun between 22 and 27 February, so this will be the most wonderful celebration of the opening of this year.

As we arrived to Deneb Adige, the great and beautiful star during our attuning, it was soon revealed to us that this world is the stellar cradle of the fairies and the elves.

We discovered wonderful secrets about these realms, which we described in detail in our books called Stellar Destinies Volume II (soon to be published in English) and Stellar Nations – Soul Families. If you are really interested in the thought that these beings who remind us of the world of fairy tales can truly live among us, please read the relevant chapters of these books…

But let us share a small reminder from the book:

“We can say that if the ray of Deneb is projected into a person’s birth chart then s/he must remember that once s/he had also made and promised an alliance with the nation of the elves and the fairies. In a part of his or her soul, s/he has taken responsibility for the forests and all the existing plants. S/he is a forester and a gardener somewhere deep in his or her soul, and s/he must not forget that! If we take this really seriously then the trees and the flowers, the healing essences made from the trees and plants will be the most wonderful and unique healers of that person.

That person can even recognize that in his or her heart, soul or even body s/he actually carries the stellar code of the fairies or the elves. S/he lives in a human body now and aims at completing his or her mission for the protection of nature, the living environment and the animals.

On the other hand, we also know that the fairies are the healers of the Inner Child, too, the joy-ability of the child self, which can be included as a task in the person’s destiny.”


In light of all these, we wish you days filled with real fairy bliss!

With Love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó



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