The days ahead of us hold really beautiful, strengthening and uplifting stellar influences which we should prepare for consciously with an open heart.

Because between 21 and 26 February, a kind of heavenly celebration will cast its light upon us with the radiant gleaming of the conjunction of Fomalhaut and our Sun.

From the teachings of the Stellar Nations we could learn that Fomalhaut is the beautiful 7th dimensional world of the Stellar Nation of the Unicorns, the cradle of all the creative processes. It is the purest and most powerful stellar ray and the herald of the Heavenly inspiration. It gives home to a celestial garden of magical beauty, with a special golden-glowing lake in its center, the mirror of which reveals which worlds need to be supported by the Celestial Unicorns who control and help the creative processes.

“… the keeper of the garden and the lake seems to hear the sighing, the heartbeat, the breathing of the whole galaxy, and in the peculiarly deep silence that dwells there, he or she can feel the places where different ideas of creation arise. The place where a dream is awakening. The place where a star or a planet is craving for life or a human being is longing for something…” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume I, page 88)

So this beautiful and most positively powerful stellar ray is in conjunction with our Sun stepping into Pisces, and this aspect carries such a stellar message that in this period, with the help of Fomalhaut we can get into contact with our most deeply held ancient creative dreams and hidden desires and even with the purest inspiration contained in our Divine Destiny. Such long forgotten and released dreams and plans can return, which have been obstructed by the 3rd dimensional world, nonetheless we can realize now that the creative flame has not gone out in our soul rather it leads us to a new level in our creative cycle.

Thus we suggest that it is extremely important to deal with our creative processes consciously and intensively during these days. We can now invoke our creative dreams from the highest vibrational light-realm of our soul and our Divine Destiny into our life through a pure creative prayer and visualization; maybe by a sacral ceremony in which we invoke the powers of our Divine soul and the stellar ray of Fomalhaut to the process of manifestation …


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by XxStarlovexX, many thanks to the artist!

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