Another initiating star from the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Cosmic Humans, casts its rays upon us through the Gate of the Sun between 10 and 14 February. It is the Delta star of the constellation Capricornus and it’s called Deneb Algiedi/Deneb Algedi.

“Everything that we attribute to the Capricorn archetype is focused in this star. It is even more apparent here that it transmits the creative yang fire-energy through a feminine vessel, and connects it with the material realm. It establishes the frames, the foundations for that certain dream, which has been conceived somewhere in the universe, often on the higher planes of existence first. Through the channel of Deneb Algedi, this plan and idea-seed starts to be anchored, grounded in the reality of the planet. This stellar ray is a channel with a very strong manifesting power.

This means that the idea cannot be started out without the active yang energy and explosive outflowing power. On the other hand, it cannot be manifested without the yin receptiveness, and it cannot appear in the visible world of a planet. This is how the creative processes complement each other.

So Deneb Algedi means and teaches the mystery of the manifestation, the anchoring into the planetary reality, the establishment of the frames and foundations.

(We would like to note briefly that if the stellar ray of Deneb Algiedi appears in a yearly solar Antares-code©, we can be really happy, because it means that our creative dreams, even the ones we might have launched years ago, can finally be conceived in the matter, they can be manifested at last, and step into the visible from the invisible spheres. So this is a wonderful and very strong energy. )

But we must also add that this usually comes into our lives not as a sudden celestial gift – like a lottery prize – but this is something we have had to work hard for. As we may know of the Capricorn archetype, according to its attitude of life, a very sincere inner discipline and very hard and persistent everyday work is needed for this dream to be established and the conditions to be born, but still, this star carries and delivers the message of the realization.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families)

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Picture by Amoraea Dreamseed, thanks to the Artist!

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