A very special stellar influence prevails in the following days, the ethereal effect of the alignment of the Alpha Sagittae and the Sun, from 19 to 23 January.

This small constellation lies near the Dolphinus in the starry band of the Milky Way, and the Greeks already symbolized it with the shape of an arrow.

We could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nations that a special agreement is connected to the Alpha star of the Sagitta constellation, between the stellar community of the Dolphins and the Stellar Nation of the Cosmic Humans, according to which the dolphin souls offer their help and service as guides and rescuers of the transiting souls.

If this star is included in one’s ©Antares-code, it means that “the person can be sensitive to the energies of the approaching death, s/he can often foresee it in a dream that a gate of death is opened in his or her environment or even at a place that is completely unknown to him or her and someone is called away. In fact, s/he could wake up from his or her dream to the fact that a lot of people die in that moment in a catastrophe, earthquake, war, terrorist attack etc. somewhere in the world. It is not easy to handle these premonitions or visions, which can raise great tension and anxiety in that person, but after these, s/he may be aware that one of his or her soul particles often participates in the guiding through of such groups of souls and that is why s/he can perceive these events so sensitively.”

We could also say that these people intuitively feel – and with the adequate spiritual maturity they can be consciously aware – that there is a global field of consciousness, in which all the events of the world are recorded, as if all events that happen all over the world simultaneously resonated and generated waves in this incredibly complex energy field, like an information field, which can only be detected with the methods of quantum physics, and which the people sensitive to it can feel intuitively. This feeling often comes in the form of premonitions and dreams, which are likely to be nightmares in this case, as those who carry the healing quality of the stellar nation of the Dolphins on the level of their soul, a part of their consciousness usually wants to help the ones in need or to the souls crossing the gate of death. The people with such stellar codes often feel that they not only carry the burdens of their own lives but they also become extremely sensitive to the release of pain energies that concern the entire planet, as if they felt compassion for all kinds of suffering and mass crises, for all the communities struck by disasters, which they want to help and support. These people also include those who join different aid organizations and actually go to the places in need.

We hope there won’t be any further dramatic events in our world, which would burden the collective field of consciousness but we should definitely be more aware during this period.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Christian Riese Lassen, many thanks to the artist!

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