Today, when the special dance of the Lord of Karma (Saturn) and the Grand Master of Transformation (Pluto) becomes exact and will be expanded by the presence of the Sun, Mercury and Ceres an incredible gate is opening launching a huge wave of changes on all levels, personal and collective likewise. This planetary alignment is strengthened and emphasized by the stellar conjunction of alfa Pavonis, called also Peacock Star, which – according to the teachings of the Stellar Nations – shines in the newly recognized constellation of the “Panthera Pardus-Phá”, which forms a beautiful heavenly black panther in the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Great Felines.

The Peacock Star conceals a wonderful 8th dimensional world, which guards and transmits that stellar ray towards the entire universe, which we could express as the flame of Divine Truth, the flame of Freedom and the flame of Free Will.

Beside this Delta Aquilae shines upon this gate from the wing of the Eagle constellation. The projection of this star means that we have gripped the wing of the Eagle, we have passed the trial of taking up our mission, we have said yes to our destiny and now the steps of initiation await us.

Finally the twin stars shining on the tail of the Eagle constellation called Deneb el Okab are shining above the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

“These are the stars of creating inner and outer balance, just as the constellation is balanced by these stars, in fact, we had the feeling that the flight itself becomes harmonious only through them. The message of these stars is that “you will be initiated at the stargate of Vega, in order for the power to be matured within you, but you must return to your planet. You must take up your destiny. I will carry you up to this beautiful Heavenly initiating temple, in order for you to receive the keys of the power – but as the tail of the bird always points towards the Earth –, you must come back to complete your destiny. And not to forget your mission. You must never forget about your people. You are given the power never to create for yourself from it, but in order to flourish the community that is entrusted to you.”  

These two stars help the leader not to become over-obsessed with his or her glory, flaunting on his or her taken throne, but instead, to know that the only reason s/he may sit there is that all the members of that community should be enriched and made better by that, and so that all their lives may progress under his or her guidance. So the message of these stars includes the attempt of avoidance and withdrawal, which had been taken in the person’s previous lives, when although s/he had possessed all the skills and abilities – in fact, s/he had been perfectly trained -, s/he had still simply tried to escape from his or her fate and tried to hide from the world and escape from the weight of responsibility.

On the other hand, due to the lessons of the past, they are truly such reminding signs that as a governor of a community, the person must always keep the common interests in sight and search for the pathways, which can truly make everyone happier, more content and progress towards their own fulfillment. S/he may not get stuck at the level of the very low vibrational power motivations of creating for him or herself. S/he must become worthy of the trust and the hopes of the people s/he is entrusted with.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families)

On this very special day we would like to share a call from “The Grandmothers Council” that gathers to reconnect Gaia’s Solar Plexus to the Sun at the sacral space of Uluru, Australia. Knowing how terrible and devastating wildfires ruined the forests in Australia lately we consider this uniting even more important:


Közzétette: Divine Yoniverse Temple – 2020. január 6., hétfő

We have been working on implanting the New Seed of Life at Uluru and Katja Tuta on 16 June 2018, as part of a grand ongoing activation ceremony all along Gaia’s ancient and newly found chakra vortexes. Thus we happily join this movement and hope to make a change and help Mother Earth and all her creatures on the path of awakening.

With love

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó 

Plesase find the related ©Antares-code charts below!

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