We would like to inform you about a very interesting stellar influence, because between 7 and 11 January our Sun will be aligned with the alpha star of the Sagittarius constellation – Rukbat. This star is one of the initiating sphere on the Stellar Human’s path and that is how we wrote about it in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families:

“On the Stellar Humans’ yang path Rukbat is a fantastic, fiery, burning and fertilizing force on the pathway of the man. It is an inner fire, an inner stamina that heats up and propels every creation process from the inside, like that yang, masculine creative activity and power, by which the given human is able to fertilize any substance or any process by his or her dream – with the power of the idea.”

This quality can be very helpful now just when we’ve sent our dreams and whishes out at the gate of the New Year, to help these idea seeds to conceive and start on their way towards manifestation.

“A shadow quality can also appear in this star however, which can be the low vibrational experiencing of this, if and when this fire meets any kind of resistance, it simply wants to scorch that. So it is the endeavor that sometimes turns into pushing one’s way. The ambitious will, which pays no regard to anything or anyone when it wants to reach its goal. That blind momentum, which often has no concern to its surroundings, it just simply wants to be accomplished, and this often builds up by causing a lot of destruction, without taking into consideration what dues will have to be paid for getting this certain plan realized.

So if this stellar ray appears in your horoscope and you are capable of real self examination, then you should honestly watch out for not burning anyone up with your will, momentum and enthusiasm and that you should not trample anyone’s desires and thoughts down. You shall look for the balancing compromises for the sake of the true creation!”

“Beyond these, there is another important and foretold aspect of this stellar sphere, as this is where that attribute is initiated, which we can express as the “Justice through the eyes of the man”, the truth, as seen by the men.

This of course does not only apply to the men, but it means a certain yang conviction, or that masculine attitude towards the truth and the sense of justice, which does not bear any contradiction, and when the person is ready to fight for his or her alleged or real truth, even by destroying all the opponents, all the adversaries. S/he will apply arbitrary judgment if necessary, to serve justice and order. Therefore it is important to recognize that there can be such an aggressive and low octave to this.

So with the star of Rukbat, the person may know that there is great creative power, momentum and enthusiasm inside of him or her, which s/he can use well and wisely or with selfish destructivity; on the other hand, s/he is driven by a serious sense of justice, but s/he must not believe that s/he is the only one to be right or that s/he is the only one who can serve justice.”

We should be aware of all these because these kinds of emotions and reactions can burst out of us suddenly, and also we can meet this kind of attitude from the outside world on the personal and global, social, political level as well which we need to handle well. Especially for being able to keep our positive, optimistic and faithful enthusiasm in our creative processes, and to keep the harmony of our inner strength and power.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by George Atherton, thanks to the artist!

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