Interestingly, today one of the stellar realms – Cebalrai – of the Ophiuchus constellation – the Serpent Bearer – wanted to send its message from the Female Serpent line:

“This marks the moment when we get out to the Light, when we reach that secret island. The Island of Joy. Because each soul has its own island of joy. There are people who have already been there and know this place, but there are others who have never sensed it before. This is the reality revealing in the 5th dimension – the island of ecstasy. This is the joy of remembering the Light! This is where the sense of fulfillment is born, because the soul experiences that “I have connected with my body entirely and through its mystery I found the way to my soul, I have arrived to a higher sphere by uniting my two parts. I have reached and I am living my soul, which has become one with my body. I am one with myself, I am one with you, and I am one with the universe! Everything is reflected within me…”

This is what the tantric ecstasy is about! …”

(Stellar Nations – Soul Families, page 430)



Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by Autumn Skye Morrison, many thanks to the artist!

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