In the following days, between 3 and 7 December, our Sun will come into conjunction with Rastaban, a star from the stellar nation of the Dragons and this could bring certain interesting experiences that belong to this pathway and stellar quality.

One of the four stars of the 6th dimensional stellar space that form the head of the Dragon is Rastaban.

The fire of the warrior is related here. In fact, the inner fire of the warrior-soul can be reflected in it. His or her enthusiasm and determination. This star reflects a kind of energy when somebody deep down his or her soul feels that there is a secret mission that motivates his or her life, s/he has to fight for something sacred with complete devotion, maybe even by self-sacrifice, and s/he dedicates all of his or her heart and life to this purpose. Rastaban can indicate a person who may find it difficult to fight for himself or herself, nevertheless, if s/he feels that s/he needs to stand up for others, needs to protect someone else’s truth, then this person will spare no effort to do so. There is incredibly deep determination, consciousness, courage and the motivation of an inner fire burning in such a person’s soul. The good use of this stellar fire was taught by Yota dragon-master, so therefore the first Virtue of the Warrior belongs here which is the Balance of Fire.

Rastaban can remind us of a movie experience, when in “The Lord of the Rings”, in a hopeless battle, an apparent defeat against great superiority, at the majestic finishing accord; the determined group of a rescue army suddenly appears from behind the hill and it nearly floods into the valley around the castle. At such scenes, the ancient “dragon-blood’s” heroic dedication, noble generosity and its willingness for self-sacrifice heats up in the viewer. Many different movie or book episodes may come up in our mind similarly, in which the determinedness, the faith and the enthusiasm of a handful of warriors can win over either the physical, astral or the magical dominance.

 The exact projection of this stellar ray into the birth chart, its connection with certain planetary rays, and especially the house cusp it is cast onto, tell a lot about the areas of life where the person is able to fight for the truth, or for others’ rights with this determination, so we can understand what s/he considers as holy purposes, sacred and important matters and life themes.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume I, page 242)

We would like to note that interestingly, in the period before Christmas, the Sun’s way will be crossed by stars, which are connected to the pathways of the Dragons and the Great Felines – and they carry the messages of these two warrior nations.

Thus we have to attend to the events of the following weeks with alert awareness and carefulness. All the archetypical messages of the different stellar realms have a lower and a higher octave as well, the revelation of which depends on the people’s level of consciousness and the maturity of their morality and conscience. The fire and self-sacrificing ability of Rastaban can be reflected in the acts of a manipulated minded, fanatic assassin, who seems to work “on the push of a button”, but on the other hand, it can also be revealed by the actions of the defensive warriors, who save others from the forces of the “dark side”. It is sure that the minds of the people carrying warrior codes will be affected by stronger impulses during the following weeks, especially if they are not thinking in the religious beliefs of the coming celebration of Love during Christmas time. We must still believe though that the spheres of the ethereal Temples built from human hearts will be able to fill the atmosphere of the Earth with so much love and light that can defeat and turn the power of the ill-willed offensive impulses around.

Take care of yourselves and each others!

With love,

Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by Kim Dreyer, many thanks to the artist!

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