We would like to inform you that these few days will be retuned by a very unique stellar influence, which highlights the spiritual summit of the year.

This effect comes from the conjunction of the Macula Magellanicathe Large Magellanic Cloud with our Sun, between 1 and 7 November. This marks that Niome’s attention and presence is here with us to bring us her knowledge and divine wisdom. According to the Divine Plan of the New Time Cycle, the year 2016 was guided by the wisdom of the Spider Woman of the Cosmic Arthropods, thus we really received and learnt a lot from her cosmic knowledge. And now the moment has arrived in this year again when her true galactic nest and stellar home is opening up for us, from where the galactic information grid is woven and to where all data of our Life Reviews return.

Niomé’s being can only be known and understood from our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families as the highest Master of one of the 13 Stellar Nations. Due to the complexity of this teaching, we would only like to emphasize here that Niomé’s all-seeing eye is the carrier of our Life Reviews, so it keeps and reveals to us the complete and perfect reality content of each and every moment of our life, through the pure facts without any distortion or self-justification. Our Life Reviews carry each moment of our present life and also of the past lives in our karmic history with all the thoughts, feelings, motivations and acts included, in the perspective of each participant involved. It is bewildering even to imagine this, but it makes this crystal clear field of remembrance the basis of the Chamber of Mirrors, which awaits all the souls at their exit gate.

We have said many times that we believe it is the wisest to live our present life with the honesty, humility and self-criticism as if we spent each of our days in the Chamber of Mirrors so that we can give account of everything at once, and thus we won’t have to meet the painful and defiant confrontation in the so called Bardo, the “in-between” state.

So this stellar influence is present during these days to invoke those memories in the data base of the personal and collective Akashic Records with which we will mainly need to deal with nowadays to keep our wish to lead this life towards fine Redemption.

The situations, feelings, thoughts and meetings that unfold now will probably mean the preparation to what we will soon need to work more deeply with.

Luckily, we may remember that this deep inner process is still accompanied by the cosmic projection of the Heavenly Temple of Christ, through the rays of Acrux and Becrux, by the lights of Divine Love and Divine Law, which can mean great help for us in this process.

Thus it is useful to stay aware and examine the situations we find ourselves in. We wish from our heart for these days to be accompanied by Niome’s clear sight, discipline and pure wisdom, so that we may become stronger with each recognition.


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Iluviar, many thanks to the artist!

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