On today’s feast day of the Assumption of Mother Mary, the heavenly Priestess of Mercy spreads her sky-blue mantle upon us to touch our heart with the healing ray of divine grace. And with her presence she can bring closer to us and deepen the initiating process of the Mysteries of the Heart, which we revealed in detail in our book titled “Calling You”.

Today, the wisdom of Mara-Mary’s heart speaks out, the memory of the first Christianity on Earth, from the land of Lemuria, and Her healing light is spread out for us…

We trust that each moment of this day will be illuminated by the beautiful presence of Mary so that the all-pervading and healing light of love and mercy shall appear in the circle of our intertwined hearts!

Please, Welcome our new video from Mary’s Prayer, written in our book – Calling You, and let your heart be touched by Her message sent from Soul to Soul!
Hope you’ll enjoy it!


(Video made by: Éva Simcsik

Author and voice: Beatrix Czeizel

Music: stock media provided by Pond5.com)


You can find more details about our books: https://stellarnations.com/product/calling-you-book/

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