The Message of the Leo New Moon

1 August 2019, Budapest 5:11 AM (UTC+1)

As we described in detail in our book titled At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration, there is a rhythm in the great precessional cycles, according to which our planet Earth travels through the Galactic Night – the so called age of oblivion – for about 11 thousand years until finally the age of Light can dawn upon it with the 2000 years of awakening, remembering and spiritual development. The heavenly ray of the galactic center stretching out to us – the Photon Belt that is – enters our sphere to permeate the destiny, the consciousness and the life of all the beings of the planet with its light codes. The time of the entrance of the Photon Belt always comes in the great Ages of the Leo and Aquarius, as we know this about the exceptional spiritual awakening in our present Age of Aquarius.

Interestingly, this Leo-Aquarius axis represents and opens important gates in the cycle of each year too, we could say that today’s New Moon in Leo and the coming Aquarius Full Moon (15 August) are celebrations of the Photon Belt, when according to the Celestials’ message an extremely powerful influence and spiritual photon inflow can be expected from the Photon Belt.

Additionally, it is also very important for us to keep in mind that these highlighted dates and the entire month of Leo is the celebration of our immediate initiating star, the Sun; when grand packages of light arrive to our planet from the sacral sphere of the Sun Gate  through Solana’s consciousness – with Sun codes and Master codes that carry the complete program of the Divine Plan and the subtle retuning of the following months.

Here is a little reminder about this from our previous book titled Stellar Destinies:

„The memory of our soul carries very important pictures of the Sun Gate and subconsciously we can all feel that the Sun remembers us, it keeps track of us, as if we were in a special and intimate relationship with it. And maybe it shines for us and sheds its light right upon us when we lift our eyes in a moment of joy. The code library of the Sun Gate keeps records of the fate, past, present and future lives of all of us and such codes that express the exact spiritual pathways, the undertaken tasks of our mission and the highest level purposes of our life-plans.

So we can connect with our highest level destiny codes through the Sun Gate and we can receive such fine energetic retuning that can move our life back onto the track that can lead us to completion.

This sacral sphere is a cosmic channel through which we can pass at the end of the soul-evolutionary period between the lives; and after the right personal and planetary destiny codes are imprinted on ourselves we reduce the vibration level of our body and continue the process of incarnation in the sphere of the Earth.”

So let us prepare to this period with aware consciousness and real introspection. We should definitely allow some time for ourselves for the inner work. Let us meditate a lot – in some beautiful natural environment if possible or in a Sun Temple of one of the sacral places of the planet (see in Stellar-Destinies) – to receive the Sun codes and open ourselves for the wonderful and high vibrational spiritual destiny codes of the Photon Belt, which will bring personal and collective messages for this and the following year for all the people.

(We would just like to note briefly that this intense effect of the Photon Belt and the strong photon inflow may create disturbances in the electric appliances, so we should prepare for that and at least we will be aware of what is causing these unpleasant experiences. Its biological effects may include headaches, dizziness, weakness, heart symptoms, insomnia, but also the inexplicable easiness and joy of a deep sense of freedom.)

We wish for this period to be a wonderful time for all of you, with clarifying situations and wonderful moments of spiritual joy!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Xiaodi Jin,, many thanks to the artist!


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