The Message of the Full Moon in Capricorn

July 16, 2019. 11:38 PM, Budapest (UTC+1)

Today’s Capricorn Full Moon brings the axis of the 4th and the 10th House into focus, emphasizing the current dilemma we are facing. Should we surrender ourselves to our family life and the immediate personal environment of our home – supported by the Sun, the Ascending Moon Node and Venus today –, or should we offer more energy to the roles we are playing before many, on the stage of our life? This area of life, the rising star of our career is supported by the Full Moon now, but also Pluto, the Descending Moon Node and Saturn are lined up in the 10th House.

This seems to decide on the question, especially since because today the Moon is in conjunction with the so called Peacock star, from the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Great Felines, as the messenger of the majestic black panther on the sky, and this calls our attention to the importance of experiencing our free choice now. So we might feel the surrounding world made up from external expectations, responsibilities and tasks (Saturn) a bit tight now and we could be longing more to live for ourselves now, to make ourselves and our loved ones happy, and also to create more space to our desires. This is supported also by the fire of the Aries ascendant. The priorities might rearrange to a certain extent and even some deep internal changes could be induced nowadays (Pluto) so that we should be able to create more happiness in our days along our roles played in the external world.

It is also interesting that during today’s Full Moon the Sun comes into conjunction with two stars of the constellation Felis Minor (that was recognized as Canis Minor before) next to Orion, the shiny realm of Procyon and Gomeisa, which we described in our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families as follows:

“This world is strongly attached to the Egyptian culture too, where the cat and the felines have been honored as extremely special sacred animals, even today.  The cat-headed Goddess Bastet is considered the central figure of the cult of the felines. Her most important cultic location was discovered in the delta of the River Nile, the city of Bubastis, by the excavation of a great necropolis, where a lot of mummified cat bodies were found. This reveals that the cats had been buried within a magnificent fertility rite of the Goddess Bastet.

So the Canis Minor – Felis Minor from now on – constellation is no other than the figure of the Goddess Bastet on the sky. Its shiniest star is the Procyon – the heart of the Cat Being – which we have mentioned related to the Unicorn Nation too, but now it is enriched with a new meaning, on the pathway of the Felines.

Looking from here, the life sphere of a 5th dimensional stellar world is revealed next to the previously introduced 4th dimensional inner labyrinth-world. In fact, it might have become a labyrinth exactly because that unique energy that had earlier ruled the energy field of the Felis Minor constellation – through the revolutionary and guarding codes of the Felines – was mainly forced to leave this world during the first galactic war, and so the space was rearranged, turning into the chamber of mirrors, of a kind of inner labyrinth, launching a new process of creation.

Another important star of the Felis Minor is the Gomeisa, which is also a 5th dimensional life scene. It is the eye of the cat – the third eye of the Goddess Bastet!

Goddess Bastet was the protector of the mothers and children, and also she was the provider of fertility according to the Egyptian belief. She is the one that protects the young mothers and the newborn babies, and she is the one the mothers worrying by the ill children’s beds can address, in fact, they often visited her Temple and made sacrifices, asking her to heal their children.

Therefore we can say that the motherly energy of someone who is ready to fight for her children is reflected in this constellation, and that specific attitude that the person can take care of any people s/he is entrusted with, just like they were his or her own children, for whom s/he is capable of anything, and s/he simply won’t let them be approached by any harmful forces.

From a healing aspect we can say that these stellar rays can provide help in the subjects of infertility, and in the problems concerning maternity and little children.

Further to these, there is a very clear intuitive gate opening through Gomeisa, as the Egyptians believed, “the future can be seen in the eyes of the cat”, so it truly brings such foreseeing, clairvoyant abilities to the birth gate of the given person.”

In consideration of the above, we wish blessed days to you all, filled with lots of resting and regeneration.

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Kentaro Nishino, many thanks to the artist


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