The Healing Blessing from the Stars of the Pleiades and the message of the Scorpio Full Moon

18 May 2019, Budapest 11:11 PM (UTC+1) and 19 May, 2019, 5:16 AM, Mount Kailash (UTC+8)


Today the stellar realm presents all earthlings and Gaia’s every being with a wonderful creative energy of the Goddess, which opens a beautiful healing and remembering period for us.

Because between 18 and 24 May, Alcyone and then all the wonderful stellar realms of the Pleiades will come into conjunction with our Sun.

The stars that are so dear to our hearts and which radiate such a close and deep sense of home will be lined up one by one: Alcyone, Merope, Maia, Sterope, Taygeta, Electra, Celaeno, Pleione and Atlas. Those who have met the wonderful story of the Seven Sisters from our book titled “Stellar-Destines” – which we enriched by lots of further details through the teachings of the Stellar Nations – may know already what a special and unique moment this is. As if a bridge reached out for us from these cities of Light, as star-islands, to pass on the messages of the stars that the Celestials had commissioned with the supervision and spiritual guidance of the Solar System together with some other stars, from the beginning of the earthly time. The beautiful sanctuary of Alcyone is sending us new messages of the Photon Belt in this year too, which are pieces of the Divine Plan that include further possibilities of the collective spiritual evolution and awakening.

From the teachings of the stellar nations we can also know already that the community of the healing angels, the unicorns, the dolphins, the celestial priestesses of the Goddess and the Divine Human Couple – Áhann and Iota – who represent the most glorious wisdom of the cosmic humans’ pathway speak to us and send us very important teaching, initiating and healing rays through the lights of the Pleiadian stellar realms.

In 2014 this was the time when after a very long time, one of the greatest and most promising opportunities has arrived for dissolving the karmic pain of the “Electra-fate”. And in 2015 on the other side those men of Sirius could experience a tender touch upon their painful memories and disappointments by the Goddess and the mysteries of the Melchizedek consciousness.

These galactic memories will be touched in all the souls now as well who had once been the stellar priestesses of that world and experienced the serious lapse, the hard falling out of their destiny, which we have discussed in detail in our book titled Stellar Destinies. And their onetime Sirian partners and husbands can heal together with them regaining their dignity, pure masculine power and their faith in the sanctity of relationships.

So it is helpful to read that chapter again and it is important now to offer all the physical-spiritual pain, karmic burden, difficult relationship patterns or even magical bonds, which are carried by this specific feminine destiny and common memory of relationship, to the merciful healing that is being spread out right now. A very deep collective level release can take place in these days.

This stellar effect is very important because it appears together with today’s Full Moon in Scorpio, amplifying the Pleiadian messages even more, which project into our space through the Sun Gate in the end of the 4th House now, which represents the realm of our family and home. While the Moon leans over from the 10th House to touch the cusp of the 11th House, expressing the call for the joining of the Lightworkers and the creation of our collective destiny. Another importance of today’s Scorpio Full Moon celebration is that within the global retuning process that we started in 11.11.2017, working along the ancient sacral locations and energy centers as the chakra vortexes of Mother Earth, during our recent course, we performed a sacred ceremony of planting the 7th New Seed of Life. This time we worked on the area of the Earth’s crown-chakra vortex, which opens onto the sky from inside the 6714m high Mount Kailash located in the south of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is for a reason that this turned into a sacred place of pilgrimage for the followers of Hindiusm, Jainism, Buddhism and the Bon tradition. They respect this holy mountain as the throne of Shiva, and the secret sanctuary of Shiva and his wife, the goddess Parvati. It is considered as a passage to the realm of heaven, the axis of the world, a border between the physical and spiritual dimensions and even as the spiritual center of the universe. In its foreground, the Manasarovar lake represents the realm of lights and solar energies, while behind it, the Lake Rakshastal is a symbol of the battle against the temptations and the forces of darkness. The polarities are present today, too, as Algol projects onto the Sun as well, and also the shadow of Bungula is aligned with the Full Moon now. It is opposed by the light of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, so that meanwhile we should also find the inner spiritual power towards light and our healing. As if the pilgrim who arrived here had to fight with the duality of the polarities inside and outside as well, and then reaching the point of balance, s/he can come into a state of deep acceptance and enter the high vibrational crown-chakra energy field of the Earth, this majestic Temple of the Sun, to meet with one’s soul upon leaving his or her earthly bonds.

The planting of the 7th Seed of Life could take place now, because it is believed that during the Scorpio Full Moon each year, the message is spread from the energy portal of the sacred Mount Kailash, carrying the light-program, the spiritual guidance coming from the stars and the Higher Reality to serve the further awakening of humanity in respect of the given year.

So let us be aware and conscious in this too, let our hearts be filled completely with the sense of familiarity, with the experience of finding our home among the stars. Let us be active and do whatever we feel inspired to do, let us connect happily and follow the footprints of the Goddess’ and the Melchizedek Soul’s wonderful initiating process and listen to the impulses coming from Mount Kaliash!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Images by Bruce Harman and an unknow artist, many thanks to them!

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