Unfortunately we must transmit a warning message  this time, which we are not to happy to discuss during these wonderful spring days, yet it is worth to prepare for and travel through this period consciously. Between 16 and 20 May, the Sun will be in conjunction with Algol and this will have a strong influence in the next few days.

From the teachings of the Stellar Nations, we already know that Algol is a star that is permeated with one of the darkest and heaviest meanings and energies of the sky, which we could meet from the story of the Stellar Nation of the Dragons and of the Angels. This conjunction becomes exact on the 17th so that is when its influence can be felt the most intensely. Those familiar with the teachings of the Stellar Nations may know that during these days, the effects of the shadow forces will be intensified and we shall attend to these with special awareness and a great spiritual cleanness in order to be able to recognize even the hidden presence of these impacts. Moreover, it was the creatures of this stellar world who made the deepest wounds in the past of the stellar daughters of Electra from the Pleiadian star family, too, which can now be touched and brought to the surface while Algol conjuncts Venus, in order for us to prepare these heavy memories for healing.

Of course, we can’t tell in advance how this will affect us; it might awaken inexplicable fears, we might come to uncertainty or we could meet such strange, financial or even sexual and emotional level temptations that we must certainly not fall into at this time. It might evoke violent feelings of rage but we must really be careful about our communication, we should watch out for what others tell us and also what we say to others, because if these shadows arouse further shadows within us too and if they invisibly turn us into the channel of their expression then afterwards we may feel like we have been swallowed up by this dark downward spiral of illusion. The wisest thing to do in this energy structure is to step back a little from the events of our everyday life and especially from all the negative effects, from all the things that arouse negative emotions, and the best is not to identify with those at all and not to enter those games. Let’s remain in the wisdom of our inner center and don’t believe any of the tempting influences that stir up fears, pains or anger, because this astral effect is aiming to get in touch with our weak spots and it feeds on the fears and negative emotions that can emerge within us.

These days lead us through the pathway of a special pilgrimage in which we are given a chance to look into the mirror of our life to examine and recognize our weak points, to which the shadow can still attach, and where fear and doubt can still overrule. Then in all of these points, with the power of a spiritual command, we shall consciously choose our faith in Light, Mercy and being healed, then that lantern can be born, which can guide us through the realm of the maze of fear, in order to reach the gate of one of the most beautiful Light finally. …

So we are awaited by a great and noble task, but if we manage to experience this by being consciously aware of it; it can bring wonderful recognitions and it can provide us with a new kind of inner power.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó


Image by Kazmasa Uchio, many thanks to the artist!

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