This is the day of sweet memories, as this was the day when our stellar sisters from America, Australia and Russia arrived to Budapest in May 2018. We spent a truly blessed, uplifting and wonderful time together. Experiencing the profound healing mystery of our Astro-cosmogenesis stellar touch mantles based on the Stellar Nations material, then attending our Hungarian course to take part the grand activation process of anchoring the New Seeds of Life at the main chakra vortexes of Mother Earth. It was even more precious as that time we were dealing with the Heart Grid and the Heart chakra vortexes of the planet. Then came the immensely powerful initiation of the Lemurian Lightbody Mystery which awakened such deep memories and touched all our hearts in the most possible depth. Finally we could spend a miraculous day during Pentecost on the hilltop above the Danube Bend that holds the Heart chakra vortex of Mercy based on four pillars representing the message of the Crux constellation expressing the energy of Divine Love, Divine Law, Divine Mercy and Divine Will as the four elements of Christ consciousness. …..

We feel honored and deeply happy again that our sweet SiStars made this grand trip and took part in our spiritual work in the middle of Europe! Your brilliant hearts and souls are still with us!

Blessed be



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