A beautiful period is starting above us in the starry sky, because our Sun and the stars of the Cassiopeia constellation begin their stellar dance together, which could bring wonderful messages to the period between 22 April and 18 May. During these weeks, the ark of the celestial sailors seems to gently float into the light-sphere of this constellation, in order to transmit the spiritual messages of these five stellar worlds across the Sun Gate, into our earthly world as light-codes and special encounters. As opposed to the meaning of the Cassiopeia constellation in Greek mythology, in the mirror of the Galactic Akashic Records, this world is called the Miopé constellation, which means “the Columns of Heaven” – they represent such galactic passages and celestial bridges through which the Pegasus messengers can set forth according to their actual mission.

In this wonderful long star-waltz, Caph will be the first star to shine together with the Sun (22-27 April); to bring back certain memories either from this or some previous lives of ours; from the Earthly world or related to our stellar roots. This will be a period of remembering and reminding. It could be important to deal with such deeply buried memories that we could not confront yet, even though the balance and the healing of our body and our soul demands the upsetting but then relieving and settling process of remembering.

In the next step, the stellar ray of Schedir will join the rays of Solana (25-30 April), to point at certain connections in the name of love and belonging, which are very important soul bonds indeed, such relationships, which have been bound in the heaven and events, which were written into our destiny. So we should be very much aware because the messages will be hidden in the human connections and meetings during these days. Each dialogue, word, touch and embrace could have great significance, as our human interactions will be the reflections of the heavenly signs. ….

(to be continued soon)


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Artwork by Kagaya, many thanks to the Artist!

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