The Message of the Aries New Moon

5 April 2019, 10:50 AM Budapest (UTC+1)

We have awakened to an energetic and powerful day today under the light of the Aries New Moon, and so just like the ancient native people, we should gather strength and renew ourselves on all levels from the heart of the Earth, the heart of the Sun, from the guardian eyes of the stars watching over us, and the eternally shining source of our soul.

On this Moon Celebration, which is the opening of the new astrological year, the Sun and the Moon meet in the fiery and energizing sign of Aries in the 10th House, as part of a great stellium that includes Vesta and Chiron here and the conjunction of Neptune and Mercury in the sign of Pisces.

One of the reasons this is so important and joyful now is that at our latest course we unfortunately had to deal with the subject of the 5G systems being pushed forward, which is probably the most dangerous and monumental illegal human experiment in human history so far. Further to the implementation of a global surveillance, control and mind manipulation apparatus with 20,000 satellites and millions of ground based antennas, this would mean the use of an anti-life microwave in the millimeter wave frequency band between 5-95 GHz, which threatens the entire biosphere, all life forms and the balance of the entire ecological system.

Many of you have probably heard about the tragic event that happened in Hague, when during a simple connectivity test 297 birds died in a park at the same time, they fell off from the trees and it has been proved by the investigations that their hearts had actually stopped. If this happens at 7.4 GHz, we can imagine what will take place at 28 GHz, 37 GHz and 39 GHz, which are the allocated 5G frequencies.

This is connected to the message of today’s Aries New Moon because due to the implementations and tests, which began in February 2018, and increased especially since January this year, there has been an artificial energy field established around planet Earth, which has an extremely strong effect on the people who are electrosensitive and spiritually open, the Emissaries of Light, who wish to attend to the higher reality. Thus in addition to the previously existing symptoms of electrosmog and EMF radiation load – frequent headaches, insomnia or on the contrary, a sense of drowsiness during the day, anxiety, nervousness, inner tension and the feeling of exhaustion, heart rhythm disorders, inclination of diabetes, an increasing risk of certain cancer diseases, etc. – a very strange and extremely heavy and dense energy field has been created in the zone around the Earth. As a result, an inexplicable sense of littleness and helplessness, isolation, hopelessness, depression, a faceless anxiety, and a feeling of resignation from the path have appeared, especially in the circle of the people who are spiritually open. Also it seems as if meditation and reaching the higher realms has become more difficult, and this has only been relieved at last during the Spring Equinox. Therefore we must recognize that this is the exact purpose of the few who control our world, and who can only concentrate on profit and the further increase of their own wealth and power, even at the price of the life of our planet. They have intentionally been trying to make us dull and mess up our individual and collective power. But we must not lose our faith in the Ascension and we must not allow this artificial energy field to burden our world with such illusion contents.

Likely more and more countries and cities, including Brussels, Rome and a number of American cities wake up, protest and take steps against the implementation of the 5G system, and it is also very positive that more than 48,000 scientists have signed the international petition to protest against the fifth generations of mobile networks, drawing attention to the health effects that have been clearly proven in many studies.

It is not a coincidence that today’s Aries New Moon forms such a great energy center above us and especially through the gate of the 10th House. It wants to warn and help us to wield the power that comes from our human consciousness and multidimensional spiritual awareness, and redefine our position so that the spiritual command we declare now should be our weapon in the battle we fight for the Light and for the preservation of Light. In the meantime, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces suggest that we can get a glimpse of the secret now, how we can realize the mystery of simply not identifying with the latest evil plan of the Matrix and how we can turn our attention to the Spirit instead. The way we’ve put it is that we should spend more and more minutes, hours and days on the 5th dimensional plane of Planet Earth, to build clearer and more available bridges between the realities of Earth and Yahuna Gaia, until we truly learn to keep our consciousness, attention and the vibration level of our heart in the 5th dimensional realm of the “Redeemed Earth”.

This is not possible without the joining of the Lightworkers, as implied by Uranus and Mars in the 11th House because we have long passed the age of individual revolutions, so we can only step up for our spiritual freedom, the right of quality life on this beautiful planet, and for the protection of the entire biosphere if we join together.

These thoughts will probably make sense mainly to those who have read our books and who are familiar with our teachings – so you can read between the lines, as this is definitely not the platform where we could share more about this… the rest will hopefully reach from soul to soul, through the ether…

We wish you all a blessed rebirth in the Force!

With Love,



Artwork by Whendell Souza, many thanks to the Artist!

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