The Message of the Pisces New Moon

March 6, 2019 Budapest 5:03PM (UTC+1)

It is always noteworthy when the same astrological house come into focus on two subsequent Moon celebrations. Interestingly, a very powerful stellium lined up last year in the 2nd House three times after each other, while this year, during the Virgo Full Moon and also during today’s Pisces New Moon, the 7th House, the house of relationships hosts a prominent planetary alignment. This implies that there has been a deep preparation process in the past two weeks, which can step onto a new level now.

We described it then as follows, “there seems to be a universal question asked in space, which holds a mirror for us to examine how we behave in our relationships. This mirror can reveal how much we have managed to realize our highest ideals and whether we have found our true partner – or if we ourselves can be real partners. We can examine how much we are able to express our feelings, manifest our dreams and express our personality in and through our relationships. Even the previously learned and integrated family patterns can be resonated, which are often replayed invisibly on the stage of relationship conflicts.”

It is even more exciting today that the Sun, the Moon and Neptune shine above us in an exact alignment through the gate of the 7th House and this seems to inspire an invisible comparison in ourselves, by opening a spark of memory from the pre-projected reality of our original life-plan, when we had precisely known what the highest level idea of relationship meant for us. It also urges us to imagine the experience of connecting with our soul-mate, so that by joining the two lives and destinies we shall exceed ourselves and awaken a transcendent quality together.

We immerse in this mirror of Neptune with all the feelings, thoughts and the ever-changing faces and roles of our self-image, the way we have changed through our relationships. And of course, the real question is always whether these relationships have brought us closer to or pushed us further away from the fulfillment of our Divine Destiny. Have we truly become more and better through them or have we become confused and lost a bit from our light? If we look at our lives through our relationships, what do we see?

Have we found ourselves or have we lost too much from the soul who had begun the seeking with great hopes, dreams and ideals?

Chiron appears in this 7th House as well and it points at the wounds, which we have collected or caused through our romantic relationships and other deepest and closest human relationships. Mercury, aligned with Chiron wants to be our healer now, in a way that it inspires us to speak about these wounds and to dare to believe in the liberating power of a clarifying conversations and to tell the ones involved what has been bothering us for so long. Scheat transits right here and it can provide invisible keys, which can shed light on the root of the problems. It can pour perfect words into our mouths, which can help to resolve the conflict and lift the situation into the light.

And in the meantime, Diphda implies that the moment has come to end certain karmic relationships and to let each other go peacefully in order to move on, following the thread of our fate. …

May this New Moon bring you some wonderful healing moments with deep recognition!

Love and Light

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Autumn Skye Morrison, many thanks to the artist!

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