The next few days will be permeated with a very nice stellar influence of the Stellar Nation of the Pegasus. Between 24 and 28 February Baham – the star that represents the left eye of the celestial Pegasus – will come into conjunction with our Sun.

As we could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nations, Baham is a galactic passage through which we can see into the lives of the different stellar worlds, moreover it is the manifestation of an extremely powerful and clear dream gate.

According to the Celestial messages, if the projection of this star is included in someone’s birth chart, then usually the bridge of a special dream-channel is connected to that person, therefore s/he can access such worlds and different stellar spaces in his or her dreams that s/he can almost see into the lives of. His or her dreams describe extraterrestrial landscapes that are colorfully lively and vibrant and completely realistic, which others may regard as the creations of his or her imagination and intense fantasy, while in reality s/he is truly capable of traveling over to those worlds and s/he can completely dissolve into those life-scenes for the duration of an encounter out of time, s/he can become the part of them and it can be part of his or her mission to somehow connect the earthly life-plane with the visited world, at the given moment, so that the bridge of an energetic thread may be born through his or her consciousness.”

So we should attend to our dreams with a special awareness and sensitivity during these days as they can truly transmit important teachings and enlightening messages to us from our Higher Self or from the Celestials!



Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by Josephine Wall, many thanks to the artist!

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