As we reported in today, we’ve shared our latest healing method called the ©Elysium Light-Body Healing – the Mystery of Deconstructing the Pain-body.

We would like to celebrate the gate of today’s Aquarius New Moon with this good news.

If we look at the Antares-Code of this new moon with the healers’ eyes, we can see that the Libra Ascendant helps us to settle down a bit and move towards an inner center experience, while the family and home environment can actually become very stormy. Deep memories and old emotional traumas can resurface and the time might be right now for clarifying these through discussions. The most prominent area of life is the 4th House now, with Pluto, the Ascending Moon Node, the exact Sun and Moon conjunction and Mercury aligned there as well.

This implies that heavy, hostile or fearful energies can be touched in the memory storage of our deep consciousness. They can shed light on the elementary emotional traumas, gloomy childhood and teenage situations, which have diverted us to a track that we’ve been following unwillingly ever since, even though this may mean that we’ve been maintaining many pain-patterns, which only make our lives more difficult.

However, the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in Aquarius, with the support of Mercury can help us in freeing ourselves in all this.

It is also possible unfortunately that the energies of death and losses, long inner grief process in the family can be touched now, because the entire Delphinus constellation is projected on this planetary stellium. The stars of Delphinus are the „stars of leading home”, they show the path towards the higher realms of the Light to the souls who leave their physical embodiment. So from a healer’s view, it is a time to discharge the energies of sadness, loss and letting go, as this can deeply heal and free our hearts.

We wish blessed days to all of you.

With love,


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Daniel Gerhartz, many thanks to the Artist!

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