We could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nations that the seven golden dolphins starting out from the Sirius represent a heavenly dolphin tribe each. The seventh of these stellar dolphin tribes – residing in the constellation Delphinus – spreads the heart sound of the God and the Goddess through the voice of “Calling Home”, so as to become the kindhearted tender companions of the souls crossing the gate of death. They take up the “island formation” at those times and a heavenly symphony of infinite beauty is heard, with five different phrases. The Song of Light from the Alpha star (Sualocin), the Song of Letting Go from the Delta Delphini, the wonderful Song of Love from the Beta star (Rotanev), the Song of Joy from Gamma Delphini and the deeply touching Song of the Soul’s Earthly Memory from the Epsilon Delphini  are spread together in the galactic and interplanetary space so that the lights and stellar powers evoked by the sounds should be like encouraging signs, helpful and healing lanterns to guide the souls after exiting their lives to find the pathway towards the Realm of Lights.

(You can read more about this in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume II., pp. 268 – 272)

The currency of all this is that our Sun is just passing by and connecting with each star of the Delphinus constellation, one after another between 1 and 10 February. It is possible that a subtle signal of “calling home” is transmitted into our world during this period, in order to provide a safe gate permeated with wonderful lights, to the souls who are prepared for it. So the people whose loved ones happen to pass away through this certain bridge of light can be sure that their journeys will be watched over and helped by the most wonderful and gentle hearts. On the other hand, it is always true during these conjunctions that the Celestial Dolphins carry messages and they can bring us some news about our loved ones who have passed away. The hearts of the ones who stay here always sing the song of the Soul’s Earthly Memories thus it means very much for our loved ones being on the other side already if we recall the shiniest moments of their lives and of our experiences together, because it can help their evolution, awakening and the process of the self-analysis in the Chamber of Mirrors.

May these special days be blessed!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan , many thanks to the artist

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