The Message of the Capricorn New Moon

6 January 2019 2:28 AM, Budapest (UTC+1)

 We have arrived to the first Moon Celebration of 2019. It turns our attention to the launching of very exact and carefully considered creating processes. On this day, a precisely defined life program seems to be written into the collective consciousness field of Earth and thus into everyone’s personal sphere as well.

 The Sun and the Moon will come to form an exact conjunction and the ruling Saturn beside Mercury join here as well in the sign of Capricorn and this powerful alignment happens in the 2nd House during the moments of the New Moon. This implies that we can launch long-term creative processes now, and if we make the right decisions and actively work for these plans, they can bring wealth, existential security and material well-being into our lives.

We can dare to dream big and bold, which is even more emphasized by the presence of the optimistic and grand dreamer Jupiter also here in the 2nd House colored with the solid faith of the Sagittarius energy Mercury.

A very important self-examination process seems to begin now, where Life asks us questions and it examines how far we have arrived in the realization of our manifestation. The celestial dance of all these planets along the astrological 2nd House call us to focus our thoughts and creative dreams very clearly and cool-headedly. We should observe the very complex feelings and intuitions that surround the plans, which are waiting inside us to be manifested; in order to understand what old habits or strange belief patterns and constraining thoughts may be involved in invisibly using up our faith in our ability to create.

In the meantime, Saturn asks us what kind of walls and obstacles we sense around ourselves. And then it gently reflects all of this onto the screen of our inner world in order for us to grasp and see why we let ourselves be limited by anything, when we could actually live with the unlimited freedom of the Cosmic Humans.

Mercury is also lined up here to deconstruct our mental blocks and to inspire us to get in contact with others, to speak and spread news about our creative dreams, to establish bridges and to find the missing links and actively do for the realization.

In the mirror of the aforementioned we recommend you all to deal consciously and intensively with your creations. We should invite our creative dreams from the highest vibrational level light-realm of our Divine Destiny in a pure creative prayer and visualization, or maybe in a sacred ritual. We should invoke the purest forces of our soul in this collective manifestation process that lasts for several days!


May all your dreams be blessed!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by Gene Raz Von Edler, many thanks to the artist!


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