Our Sun will be aligned with the star Atria from 10 to 14 December, which shines in the newly recognized constellation of the “Panthera Pardus-Phá”, which forms a heavenly black panther in the pathway of the stellar Nation of the Great Felines.

“As we learned it is a very beautiful 7th dimensional star, which is shining at the place of the great Panther’s solar chakra.

This is where the deep certainty originating from the law of the right of freedom irradiates from, together with the dignity of the Goddessly power, by which the Feline warriors set out to the battle with no hesitation and no doubts, if they experienced any abuses somewhere. So this is the power and determination, which are related to the solar chakra, and which the great felines can feel when they set out on a journey according to their mission codes, to become the protectors of certain soul-communities.

This inner power helps the warriors overcome any possible fears inside of them, because they know that they can only respect the representatives of the power as long as they are governing truly as sanctified rulers, by transmitting the Divine will and by respecting the existence and the rights of the community they are entrusted with.

If we consider, this kind of fighting force and even self-sacrificing determination can very much remind us of the stellar ray of Rastaban, within the Dragon Nation, and we can truly say that it is the common light-quality of the two warrior nations.

The self-sacrificing enthusiasm, the way they strike at the forts of power and if necessary they sacrifice their lives even, for the sake of the revolution’s success. …”

(Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume I, page 302)

We can never know in advance how the souls with warrior codes will experience and integrate a given quality. Thus we can expect further revolts and battles and maybe even alertness over possible terrorist attacks during these days on different spots of the globe, but we hope that the souls concerned will manage to represent the highest vibrational, beautiful quality of Atria in the name of the Light.


Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by Elena Dudna, many thanks to the artist!

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