The Message of the Gemini Full Moon

11. 23. 2018. 6:39 AM, Budapest (UTC+1)

Today’s Full Moon forms a special gate-experience over us and it outlines an important threshold-moment. The Ascendant is still in Scorpio, referring to the pathway we have completed in the past month through a deep inner transformation and often through the steps of a labyrinth journey. This path is lightened up by the healing star Unukalhai, from the constellation of the Celestial Serpent, imbued with the creative ray of Gamma Librae. This implies that as a result of the processes which have been at work only in the invisible realm within ourselves, we can suddenly be healed now, we can find the key of our recovery or we can leave any destructive patterns beyond, which have been obstructing this.

In the meantime, we are already stepping into the Light with our other foot. The Sagittarius Sun shines over the 1st House in close conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury, which is furthermore aligned with the majestic 7th dimensional stellar realm of Antares, carrying the messages of the Akashic Records, which can bring wonderful recognitions and truly liberating revelation experiences. We can suddenly feel strong and brave, as if a great burden has been lifted off from us. Although we have been carrying this weight silently until now, we can finally feel how much lighter the air and life is without it. The horizon seems brighter and we can have faith and self-confidence again for the realization of our plans and also to be Ourselves.

At the same time, the Full Moon, which shines in the easygoing sign of Gemini, illuminates the 7th House, making it easier to openly discuss and solve any possible relationship problems. The stars of the Pleiades offer their Heavenly blessing on this now as they are aligned here, we could not wish for a nicer support.

We have to take these possibilities now and breathe in the message of this threshold moment in a way so that the healing, new dreams, light and love may be born from it.

With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by Raziel von Edler, many thanks to the Artist!

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