The Message of the Taurus Full Moon

October 24, 2018 Budapest 6:45PM (UTC+1)

The real beauty of today’s Taurus Full Moon is the beautiful wreath of stars that is shining on the Taurus Ascendant. All the stars of the Pleiades line up there to illuminate the path and direction before us, pouring pure and high vibrational, 5th dimensional teaching and healing codes into our space so that we shall be able to defeat the dark shadow of Algol, which is also present, and transfigure it into the light.

Additionally, the 6th House has a special significance now, with a serious focus of consciousness formed in it by the Sun and Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the asteroid Ceres, in conjunction with the wonderful Spica. In the meantime, from the constellation Boötes, which represents the pillars of the Melchizedek conscionsess, Alkalurops and Princeps project their influence through the gate of the Sun. These two stars lean close to us with their messages between 24 and 29 October. We have described them in our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families as follows.

“Princeps is the star where Knowledge and the transmitters of knowledge, the Ascended Masters and Heavenly stellar beings can approach and reach us and ask us to deal with the question of the Ascension and Enlightenment. This is where a Master’s energy steps into our life and sends us a message. It tells us that we are somehow related to one of the sciences of the Tree of Life and we will have to teach that – of course, only when we are prepared for it – but until then, we should learn it ourselves too and educate ourselves further on the pathway of the initiation.

So Princeps brings such an awakening signal to those whose birth or solar Antares-Code includes this ray.

Alkalurops represents the recognition of one of the passages of Enlightenment and Ascension.

“We can be especially happy about the presence of this stellar ray in our birth chart. It says that whichever way we may have arrived, and whichever teaching or knowledge is related to us, we are to expect such a spiritual miracle in our life, or the series of such powerful initiating moments, which will truly lift us into the experiencing of the actual Knowledge.  So simply through the spiritual ecstasy, through wonderful, almost poignant recognitions, we can enter those mysteries of knowledge, through which we have been seeking the entrance of the passage towards the Higher Reality through all our life – or even through all our lives. So in this case, it is not the lexical knowledge that counts, but the real experience, which – when the time has come – simply lifts us inside, as if we were blessed and raised onto the pathway of the holy teaching by Melchizedek himself.”

In addition to these, Delta Crucis speaks to us through Venus, transmitting the message of Divine Will, while through Mercury, the healing and inspiring revelational energies of Unukalhai and Beta Caput Serpentis can reach us. So these are all in the 6th House, meaning these exceptional stellar and planetary influences will mainly appear in the areas of work and service and also our health.

This influence is supported further by the exact conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in the 12th House, aligned with the starlights of Mirach, which can also bring special dreams, sudden intuitive recognitions, long-waited unique solutions, new ideas, as if the space was filled with Heavenly impulses arriving on Pegasus wings, to help us.

We wish you blessed days!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by Bruce Harman, many thanks to the artist!

Please find the realted ©Antares-code charts below:

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