The Message of the Libra New Moon

October 9 2018, Budapest 5:46 AM (UTC+1)


Today’s Libra New Moon tries to outpour a deep atmosphere of calmness in space, to quiet the noises and create silence, to slow down every motion and stop the rush in order to gently direct us toward our real inner center and essential self.

It seems as if the worldly stage of our planet was overruled by a heavy pounding full of storms and different power battles, with false and tempting voices and promises, which lead us astray from the real essence… our real selves.

So by distancing ourselves from the external influences, we have to analyze the situation we are surrounded by, we have to redefine our own place and purposes, we have to describe our feelings and we have to recreate the new face of our innermost primal self that comes from our Divine Destiny here, at this point of our current incarnation.


In addition to the Libra Ascendant, this is reflected by the Sun conjunct Moon in the first House, closely aligned with Ceres. Moreover, Mercury transits also in Libra, appearing in the 2ndHouse in the moment of the new moon, to give voice to our dreams and help us launch a clearly considered new creative period with the help of Venus and Jupiter, despite all the hindering forces. Luckily, Macula Magellanica’a ray projected onto Venus, does not allow us to chase self-deceiving, false dreams.

At the same time, the external tension is represented by the conjunction of the Sun-Moon-Ceres trias with Alchiba, Algorab and Kraz from the constellation Corvus. These stars point at the rulers and leaders who have fallen in greed, selfish and vain lust for power and ruthlessness from among the five main sins related to Power and Rulership. This could bring on further conflicts, exposures and situations of karmic settlements on the stages of international politics. This influence is further strengthened by the MC that points at Polaris, so we should really not follow the inner impulses generated by our ambitions now, and instead of shining on the outside, we should expand inwards now. …


The 4th and 6th Houses are also emphasized now, so it is important to create stability, balance and peace in our family and work environment as well. In the latter one, it is possible that certain karmic conflicts, emotional wounds and pains suffered previously could now be settled, and suddenly the light can appear at the end of the tunnel.


In the mirror of the above, we wish you all peaceful and blessed days.

With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Daniel B. Holeman, many thanks to the Artist!


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