We would like to inform you that the celestial guard of the next few days will be the stellar bird of the Black Raven or Crow that rises from the shelter of the constellation Corvus, as its stars will become aligned with our Sun one after another to lighten up the crystal clear, strict and exact karmic mirror of the soul, especially they hold the reflection of the five main sins related to power which unfortunately became very actual and relevant now.

The constellation Corvus, the picture of the celestial Crow can be a very strict mirror of fate. We introduced it in detail in the chapter of the Stellar Nation of the Birds.

The first sin of practicing power looks back at us from the mirror of Alchiba, to represent the sin of Greed between 3 and 7 October. Minkar reminds us of the abuse of the power of Knowledge. (2-6 October) Gienah confronts the puppet king with the weakness and laziness in power. (2-6 October)  Algorab reflects the sin of the Selfish, self-centered and purposed lust for power. (5-9 October) And finally, the ray of Kraz points at the ruler who has fallen through the sin of Mercilessness from 8 to 12 October.


You can find the detailed meanings of these stars in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families. (Volume II, pages 183-194.)



Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Artwork by  James Zapata, many thanks to the Artist


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