The Message of the Aries Full Moon

September 25 2018, Budapest 4:52 AM (UTC+1)


Today’s Aries Full Moon expands the message of the fall equinox, specifying it and taking it forwards by forming a very similar constellation over us. Through one of its pillars, where Pallas Athene and Zosma conjunct the Virgo Ascendant and on the other hand the Sun in the 1st House opposes the Moon in the 7th House, which steps into the sign of the Aries, it asks us „what would we like to sacrifice, what is worth sacrificing on the altar of a relationship?”. Till which point it supports the process of realizing and recognizing ourselves, how long does it help us to find out and experience more about ourselves, even if through compromises? And where is the line where we invisibly start to live the lives of our close companions or mates, forgetting about our own destiny?

This dilemma is mainly raised by the Moon coming into conjunction with Chiron and Diphda. Thus there is a great chance that this can stir up deep-buried emotional contents, previous relationship disappointments or the feelings of failure or grief about some deep human bonds, with memory pieces of our hardly achieved releasing processes and letting go moments. So it is possible that often we are not actually reacting on the present, and the doubting waves are not really about our current life situation. It is worth stopping and analyzing the situation with much greater awareness and consciousness and empty ourselves from the weight of the old energies. We should also attend sensitively to the impulses of our soul, which are awakened by Neptune in the 7th House.

Antares shining on the Sagittarius IC connects nicely to the message too, as well as the MC in Gemini, aligned with Aldebaran. It is important now to connect with the wisdom of our inner experiences born from our memories and attend to the “Aldebaran problem” we have met on the pathway of the Angels. This means that we should avoid appearing in the lives of certain people like an all-around helpful and protective guardian angel, who is taken advantage of by the end of the day and as soon as their crisis is settled, people just forget and step over him or her. …


We wish you uplifting days full of many solutions!

With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó


Picture by Tomasz Alen Kopera, thanks to the Artist!

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