The Message of the Virgo New Moon

September 9, 2018, Budapest 8:01PM(UTC+1)


When we saw the Antares-Code of today’s Virgo New Moon, we simply smiled and thought, „how nice is Heaven that it arranges the planets and stars in a way to help us all direct ourselves back into work and settle back into the rhythm of everyday life. As if it suggested to us and made us accept that after the summer holidays this was the most natural process now.” …


Of course, we know well that the movement of the planets and stars is not influenced by any celestial power merely for our sake, but still, today we can step through a gate that acts like a gentle remedy and helps us accept the change that is usually difficult to digest in this period, when we have to say farewell to the summer soon and turn to our tasks again.

This is reflected by the alignment of the Sun and the Moon in the 6th House, in the sign of Virgo, especially as the ray of Mizar with the inspiring energy of the wisdom of Faith projects onto it, from among the stars of the Big Dipper, so that our consciously focused attention, our inner drive should pair up with our intuitive emotional self. With this inner unity, we should be able to open a new cycle in the area of our work, starting at first with organizing and sorting out the tasks, which await us. Chara’s ray is also projected here to help us see any possible negative and impure influences, ways on which we better not start out.

Then Mercury also appears here, in conjunction with Alioth, recoloring our thoughts and communication with the important energy of Forgiveness. Thuban helps us to express our power in a way that in the meantime we stay in our center and move the elements and the necessary parts as if we danced the harmonious moves of a Tai Chi master into the space, smoothly, but always keeping up our force.

The 6th House is further enriched by the asteroid Pallas Athene, strengthened by Megrez and Phecda, so that we may be able to represent our own integrity, our independent and free will in the balance of giving and receiving, in a reestablished trust.

We can also see Ceres here, which can open up the energy of a kind of motherly care in us in the areas of our work or working environment (or towards our children who go to school).


This entire process is nicely supported by the Aries Ascendant too, which can give new momentum and vigor, which we actually need in order to find new enthusiasm and happiness in ourselves for the following months of the year.


We hope we have managed to give some inspiration to the things we usually don’t have too much energy for at this time of the year.


With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Desire Delgado , thanks to the artist!


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