The Message of the Pisces Full Moon

August 26. 2018. Budapest 1:56 PM (UTC+1)


During today’s Full Moon mainly the axis of the 3rd and 9th House comes into focus. It is further emphasized by the Sagittarius Ascendant, which is permeated with the positive fire of life and concentrated on the spiritual truths.


A special beauty of today’s constellation is that the Moon in the 3rd House bathes in the lights of Fomalhaut, the most beautiful star of creations, thus it recalls the secret that resides in the shelter of the golden lake of the Stellar Nation of the Unicorns. It helps the earthly people too in sending out their creative dreams and starting or accepting the connections which are invisible yet but which will finally make the motion of manifestation and realization come through.

Additionally, the starlight of Deneb Adige also penetrates into the aura of the Moon, from the Swan constellation, which delivers the messages of the fairy realms that are so important this year.


Neptune strengthens the 3rd House too, so we can experience the mystical way the secret of the Phoenix comes to life within us. We might not even understand what an invisible and impalpable inner resource we will manage to gain strength from and resurrect from the ashes of our exhaustion, but somehow the miracle can happen now. The star of Ankaa can bring us the key to all of this through this wonderful gate, we just have to hand over the control to our soul. Only then will we be able to hear the incoming hints about what we should do differently and how the greatness and power of our soul could be with us throughout the everyday drift and casual reality of our life.


In the meantime, the Sun in the 9th House, together with Mercury and the asteroid Pallas Athene opens the sky to the higher spiritual studies and new spiritual inspirations, in alignment with the powerful ray of Regulus to remind us that we have to rule our lives, we have to take back the control over our fate that unfolds from the pathway of our soul. The stars of the Big Dipper will continue to help in this as they appear one by one above us. From among these, the rays Megrez and Phecda shine through the gate of the Sun today, with the wisdom of the balance between generous giving and receiving and the heart-powers of trust and compassion.


In the mirror of these, we wish you wonderful creative and soul-healing days!



Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Takaki, many thanks to the artist!

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