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The One-Heart Altar and window ornament

(available on request)

This small light sculpture, which we have made in the forms of a window ornament and an altar ornament, too, was inspired by the feeling that the Temple of Light we have built together with our disciples through the long years of spiritual work – as the 9th column of light working for the collective dream of the Ascension – carries the eternal sign of the One Heart on its central altar, which is like a source, born from the love of all our hearts beating in the gentle embrace of Heavenly Angel wings. This sculpture reminds us of the light-heart of the Christ Consciousness that so many of us long to reach and which can connect all the people who can already hear the Celestial calling…

Size: 230 mm x 140 mm

The symbol of the One Heart can be ordered also with the stellar-seal of the Lemurian “Creative Coin” on it and a personal stellar seal in its base made by individual attuning.


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