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The Light Sculpture of the Stellar Nation

(available on request)


This beautiful altar ornament was born from the innermost dream of our heart, in order to invoke the wonderful Celestial healing messengers that are so dear to our soul – the “star-eyed” emissaries of the dolphins, who fill up the starry sky of the galaxy with the heavenly sounds of the hymn of Creation. And they are here with us and for us, in the service of the Ascension of Mother Earth and the humanity. This Dolphin altar strongly connects you with your own healing, soul-guiding and soul-rescuing soul-particle, and by meditating close to it or even during your sleep, it can anchor such healing energies that can heal certain parts of your soul that are stuck in pain. Furthermore it awakens the innocence, pureness and vital joy of the inner child within your psyche and on the other hand you can ask for the help of the dolphin souls who can be invoked through the altar, in any problem concerning your relationships, family or any group.


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As you can see in the pictures, the light sculpture can be ornamented by a quartz crystal ball but we can also use it as an aromatherapy vaporizer or we can keep some real sea-water in it as a symbol of our respect to the water element – if we have collected some during our travels, especially if we brought it from a sea or an ocean that has dolphins and whales living in it.

Size: 650x270x650mm


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